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For over 100 years there has been an excitingly fun company creating the kinds of tools that everyone uses in during their childhood years - the tools of creativity, imagination, and entertainment! From beautiful hill-scapes to invading aliens children every where color to they're little hearts desire and they do so with the company that put the "C" in color. Follow over to Crayola to fill your hearts with colorful fun!

Since 1885 Crayola has been a color company. By applying technical innovation, unparalleled quality, consumer satisfaction and product value, Crayola has become the preeminent producer of hands-on products for creative personal development and fun. Find Activity Kits, Art Organizers, Chalk, Color Wonder, Colored Pencils, Crayons, Dry Erase Activities, Markers, Model Magic, Paint, and Paper.

With the Easter holiday comes many wholesome and enriching memories. This Easter let your children create some of their own special moments with the Easter Project Pack. The Crayola Easter Project Pack inspires creativity and makes an excellent addition to any Easter Basket for kids. Your children can decorate cards, create egg holders, and add to Easter festivity in their own way! The set includes: 4 washable markers in spring colors, 1 ministamper of pink rabbits, 1 ministamper of yellow butterflies, 1 egg shaped doodle pad measuring 5 by 3 , 1 tube of glitter glue and a special assortment of 24 Crayola Crayons. The special 24 ct. of crayons includes an assortment of Color Mix Up, Pearl Brites, Construction Paper Crayons and other spring colors!

Do you have a budding Picasso living in your midst? Then consider the Crayola Adjustable Art Easel and Art Activity Kit. The Crayola Adjustable Art Easel is a two-sided easel with one of the sides a green chalkboard, and the other side a dry erase board. The top cap of the easel doubles as a dispenser for the included roll of drawing paper. Handy chalk and paint trays hold all the supplies that your young artist will need to create masterpieces. The boards and trays are designed to adjust to your child's height by simply snapping off and sliding up or down as needed. All boards and trays are simple to remove for easy clean-up. The Art Activity Kit contains wipe off stickers, washable watercolors, 6 pieces of colored chalk, washable crayons, 2 MiniStamper markers, 3 washable paints in 2 oz size, 25 feet of newsprint paper, 2 brushes, 1 water cup, 1 eraser sponge, and even a plastic drop cloth.

What's four and half feet tall and full of colorful fun? Ok we realize that your child is but we were thinking along the lines of the So Big Crayon! The So Big Crayon is a four and half foot colorful original from Crayola! The giant plastic crayon with a real paper label measures 15 times the length of a normal Crayola crayon. It's great for bedroom and classroom decor, or as a thank-you gift for educators or someone special. The So Big Crayon comes in popular colors!

Dan Hagopian

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