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There is a unique sense of joy when you travel. A positive affirmation that rejuvenates the spirit and allows you to simply take a break from the fast-paced lives we live. Whether you travel through the civility and pomp of Great Britain, or exotic location in the South Pacific we all want the same thing when we travel and that is to have a good time!


One Travel understands this, which is why they have built their online travel site with fun in mind! But One Travel also understands that a large part of being able to have a good time is to know that your vacation is not costing an arm and a leg. Indeed when it comes to price One Travel is rather old fashioned in the sense that buying great vacations does not mean spending an exorbitant amount of money


Founded on a sheep farm in rural Pennsylvania in 1995 One Travel began building an automated way to sell travel-related products on the Internet.  With a shoestring and a desire to see the impossible come to fruition One Travel turned idea into reality. With an attitude of being thrift and creative One Travel recognized that their same approach to business was the very same desire that we all have when it comes to making purchases, especially travel related purchases.


One Travel offers Farebeater ULTRA to consumers. Farebeater ULTRA is One Travel's exclusive airfare search system. Farebeater ULTRA not only searches fares offered directly by hundreds of airlines worldwide but also cross-references this information with a vast database of special offers and incentives exclusively offered by One Travel. Farebeater ULTRA searches for fares offered directly by hundreds of airlines. Over 4 million special discounted fares. Exclusive discounts and upgrades.


One Travel also has HotelWiz, a flexible search and filtering engine of over 54,000 hotels. One Travel also features CarWhiz a searchable database of car rentals from sub-compact to luxury rentals.


If you are really frugal when it comes to air travel check out the White Label flights. White Label flights are fares on major U.S. and international airlines with prices so low that the airlines have asked us not to reveal the name of their airline and certain flight specifications. Full flight details are made available to you immediately after tickets have been purchased. Travelers can save up to 70% off published airfares and are a perfect value for price-conscious travelers.


Dan Hagopian

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