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Bose Audio Systems

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About Bose Audio Systems:
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Sound is an intriguing phenomenon that most of us experience every day. From the physical attributes of the sound waves to the unique pause combinations we incorporate across the waves to make music, speech, noise, and special effects. Truly sound is a universal component of language. Indeed across every culture a symphony orchestra can be appreciated for its mesmerizing and amazing tonal beauty. In America we experience the incredible sound systems that are in movie theaters and now most people in their homes are beginning to incorporate movie theater style sound systems with surround-sound, 3D effects and so much more. Follow over to the Bose Corporation for some truly impressive audio systems.

Bose Corporation founded in 1964, has been doing extensive research in the fields of speaker design and psychoacoustics - the human perception of sound. This research resulted in significantly new design concepts that have helped deliver the emotional impact of live music we know and love today. Bose technologies include the 901 Direct-Reflecting speaker systems, acoustic waveguide speaker technology, the Acoustimass speaker technology, the Auditioner audio demonstrator technology, and the Bose integrated system design found in Bose Lifestyle systems. Today Bose offers audio systems, music speakers, home audio systems, marine speakers, audio accessories, automobile speakers, car sound systems, and audio systems for auditoriums, hotels, church's, restaurants, stores, schools, stadiums, abd concert halls.

For a truly inspirational home system take a look at the Lifestyle 50 Home Theater System. The Lifestyle 50 Home Theater System comes with a Personal music center, Jewel Cube speakers (provides lifelike sound), Acoustimass speaker technology (pure, deep bass with no audible distortion), Direct/Reflecting speaker technology (open, spacious sound), the Lifestyle integrated system design (performance and simplicity), AM/FM digital tuner with 50 presets, 6-CD changer, Bose Videostage 5 decoding circuitry and post-processing,. The Lifestyle 50 Home Theater System is indeed the best home audio system for you!

Are you looking to augment your existing home audio system with some serious speakers? Then take a look at the 901® Series VI Direct/Reflecting® Speaker System. The Direct/Reflecting® speaker technology offers open, spacious sound throughout your listening area. With nine full-range helical voice coil drivers for each speaker the 901's will handle the demands of all recorded music and deliver natural sound without any crossover network. The 901's offer Stereo Everywhere speaker performance provides full stereo sound throughout the listening area - not just in a single "sweet spot" as with most conventional speakers. Helically wound aluminum voice coils. The amplifier power is used efficiently, providing room-filling volume. The system is very reliable and handles high power levels. Acoustic Matrix™ enclosure provides rich, distortion-free bass over the entire low frequency spectrum, with efficient use of amplification.  The freestanding active equalizer compensates for the effects of driver sensitivity, enclosure characteristics, speaker placement, and boundary reflections - even sound absorption by the speaker grille.
Boat owners take a look at the 131 Marine Speakers. The 131 Marine Speakers are compact and fits the pre-cut speaker holes on many boats. The 131 Marine Speakers are a polymer fiber composite driver cone with high-quality sound reproduction along with resistance to deterioration from exposure to extreme conditions. High-impact polystyrene and polymer enclosure has been added for durability.

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