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Duncraft Bird Baths, Feeders, and Supplies

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About Duncraft Bird Baths, Feeders, and Supplies:
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Shop Now at Duncraft Bird Baths, Feeders, and Supplies

Bird watching is a favorite past time for many of us who are nature lovers. And even if you are not a die hard bird watcher you can't hardly stand in amazement every now and then to wonder in amazement of birds. Their beauty and natural ability to soar through the winds is simply breathtaking (and aerobatic). For bird lovers and for those of you who want to add a bit of natural creation to your home follow BestBuysOnTheNet.com to the lovely Lakes Region and White Mountains of New England to Duncraft!

Duncraft began in 1952 by patenting a series of windowsill birdfeeders that brought the pleasures of beautiful wild birds up close. Now 50 years later, another generation is producing new designs to help create backyard havens that provide food, water and shelter for the birds we enjoy and value in our lives.

Duncraft offers squirrel- proof birdfeeders, bird food, bird houses, landscape design, squirrel baffles & guards, bird baths for patio, deck and garden, heaters, drippers, sprinklers, misters, roosting boxes, hummingbird nectar & Accessories, oriole & fruit feeders, cleaning tools, seed dispensers & storage, field guides, bird feeding handbooks, binoculars (Bausch & Lomb, Bushnell, Nikon) estate birdfeeders, water fountains, bird sculptures by Tom Torrens, and outdoor furniture.

For fans of Woodpeckers take a look at the Duncraft exclusive Woodpecker Feeder! Made with a rough surface to cling to and extra length to prop their tails the Duncraft Woodpecker Feeder is perfect for our amazing little friends. The Duncraft Woodpecker Feeder is squirrel-resistant with metal ports and a top latching system that makes this a durable feeder. Dispenses small seed such as our Sunflower Heart Chips.

Let your flying-feathery friends relax their own kind of day spay - a Classical Bird Bath! This bath for all seasons, at first glance looks like a classic plaster or masonry bath, yet it's actually made of a special weather-resistant resin that is both lightweight and durable. This bath can stay outdoors year-round with no worries about cracks or breaks from freezing or exposure to bright sunshine. This is an ideal bath for climates that experience daily freezing and thawing during the winter months.
To add fashion and art to your backyard along with the soothing sounds of moving water take a look at the Triple Tier Fountain. The Triple Tier Fountain provides a relaxing dimension to your outside artistry with the flow of water. The Triple Tier Fountain establishes a serenity and relaxation as water moves from one basin to the next. Both a work of art as well as a fully functional water feature, the Triple Tier Fountain is an earnest investment for the enhanced landscape. Created in copper and iron by American craftsman Tom Torrens.

Dan Hagopian

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