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hepa filter
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hepa filter
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About Bissel:
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Shopping on the Internet has been quite fortunate to come across manufacturers and retailers that are truly companies ahead of their time. You can imagine our surprise when we investigate companies that continually stay ahead of their time regardless if we are talking about the 21st century, 20th century or even the 19th century!!! This retailer begins in a small crockery shop in Grand Rapids, Michigan, during the mid 1800's. Melville and his wife Anna were cleaning up after a day's work, as they typically did. Anna became particularly frustrated with the sawdust that was embedded in the carpet, the tiny, stubborn particles clung to the carpet, and trying to sweep them up was becoming a time-consuming nuisance. After Anna presented the problem to Melville, her mechanically inclined husband designed and constructed a carpet sweeper machine, and with his ingenious design and Anna's frustration the Bissel Carpet Sweeper was patented in 1876, and in 1883 the first Bissel manufacturing plant was built in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Now this fairy-tale story does not end here because not only did Bissel create the first Carpet Sweeper but at the untimely death of Melville Bissell in 1889, Anna Bissell stepped in and confidently took control of the company, becoming America's first female corporate CEO. Way to go Anna!!! Through Anna's determination and desire to develop and expand Bissel became a worldwide brand. Today the Bissel Corporation offers consumers deep cleaners, cleaning formulas, steam cleaners, vacuums, bags, belts, filters, sweepers, accessories, and replacement parts.

Carpets as most of us understand can get dirty really quick. They all begin their dirt infestation with a single spot, which is why it is important to stop them at each spot with the Steam N Clean II!!! This ingenious Bissel product turns plain tap water into a powerful cleaning agent! Yes we are talking about chemical free cleaning at its best. The Steam N Clean II comes with color-coded brushes for your specific use; it is lightweight, easy to maneuver and comes with a 12 ft. power cord. When not in use store it in its own carrying case allowing you to store all of your tools in one spot, with a durable outer shell protecting your Steam-n-Clean II while it's not in use.
The best thing you can do to keep your Vacuum or Deep Cleaner in top working condition is to regularly check bags, belts and filters and replace them as necessary. Supplies for all of our products can be found at Bissel. At Bissel you will find assembled maintenance kits that contain everything you need to maintain your machine like the ProLite Maintenance Kit, which includes 6 Filtrete HEPA Bags, 1 Belt, and 1 Filter.

Adding new dimensions to you deep cleaners is a snap with the right attachments!!! Improving convenience and versatility of your Deep Cleaner, now stairs, crevices and upholstery can be clean with ease using genuine Bissel Deep Cleaner Accessories and Attachments. Choose from Spraying Crevice Tools, 4" Upholstery/carpet Tool Assembly, Bare Floor Tool, Tough Stain Brush, 6" Stair Tool, and the Turbo Brush Attachment.

Dan Hagopian

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