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Gardener's Supply Company

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About Gardener's Supply Company:
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With spring already upon us, thoughts of gardening are running rampant. Creating a beautiful, living piece of art is what most of us dream of when we start to plan our gardens. We envision masses of delicately tinted blossoms, their aroma filling the air with a delicious scent. Or, maybe we see ourselves canning and preserving all of the wonderful vegetables that we will coax from the earth. Why do we have to wait for spring though? Common sense would dictate that you can't really expect to grow things in colder months, but that is true only if you follow the traditional path of gardening. If you implement the use of a greenhouse, you can have the same lovely plants and vegetables year round with proper care and maintenance, as well as get a head start on nurturing bulbs and plants for outdoor planting. You may feel that a greenhouse is beyond your budget, but we encourage you to take a look at the selection we found at Gardener's Supply Company.

Founded in 1983 by a group of avid gardeners, Gardener's Supply Company offers everything your garden needs, no matter how big or how small. Their personal interest in gardening has generated a product line that is second to none. You will find categories for flowers, landscaping, gardening tools, pest control, backyard habitat, decorative, garden furniture, pots & planters, vegetables, fertilizers, garden wear, season extending, composting, seed starting, gardeners' books, watering, household helps, and hardy plants. You can also take a peek at their clearance section for additional savings. Gardener's Supply Company is dedicated to helping create wonderful gardens, and backs their products with a 100% guarantee.

The site also plays host to some wonderful resources for gardeners of all skill levels. "The Innovative Gardener" provides tips and hints a little off the beaten path to help your garden flourish. The "Gardening Q&A" section addresses some of the most common situations for the private gardener. Gardener's Supply Company also features updates, news, and bulletins on various aspects of gardening. You can also sign up to receive email tips and savings or request a copy of their print catalogue.

While you are shopping, be sure to take the time to browse the "About Us" section on the site. You will find information on R& D innovations, community farming projects, employee gardens, display gardens, the Harvest Festival, and learn about the highly trained staff who is responsible for this wonderful company. Our readers in the Burlington, Vermont area can take advantage of visiting the retail site for events and tours. Gardener's Supply Company was a treat to visit, an inspiration for this year's planting, and definitely worth several more visits.

The Grow House features a gothic arch design, 12' width that will accommodate three full bench rows plus two aisles, fully glazed with 6 mil polyethylene, 95% light transmission, two 36"x36" bottom vents, one top vent, and UV protected PVC non-rust ribs.  The basic kit comes with a custom hardware package, PVC ribs, 6 mil greenhouse glazing, hardware for two bottom vents and one top vent, an owner's manual, and complete lumber list.

For those gardeners looking for an affordable professional caliber greenhouse, the Garden Starter Greenhouse features an 8'x6' interior, 7' head room at the peak, accommodation for benches and shelves, a rust and corrosion free aluminum frame, polycarbonate double glazing, and a roof vent. A free auto vent opener is included with this item.

Dan Hagopian

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