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Lehmans Non Electric Catalog

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About Lehmans Non Electric Catalog:
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The Bible gives a unique account of many historical events including the book of Genesis Chapter 10, where we find the table of nations listed. The table of nations describes the paths of civilizations from Noah's three sons Shem, Japheth, and Ham. The three root names for Noah's boys, incidentally, are representative of the three parts of every culture (religion, enterprise, and humanity). From this point in history to the year 1693 when Jacob Amman a Swiss Mennonite bishop purveyed a strict sect of Mennonites who were followers of Amman and settled in America chiefly in the 18th century, the concept of "simple living" was the cornerstone of life. Today in America this cleverly unique ideology and life style has a quaint appeal, to most Americans, and a real time living habit for the Amish people. As you can imagine BestBuysOnTheNet.com put on a warm and friendly smile when we came across Lehman's, the source for old-fashioned, hard-to-find items such as pickle kegs, grain mills, wooden barrels, hand water pumps, wood cook stoves, heating stoves, canning supplies, and much, much more.

Since 1955 Lehman's has been providing non-electric living products to people around the country, including the Amish communities. At Lehman's you will still find Aladdin and Dietz oil lamps, hand water pumps and water filters, gas refrigerators and the world's largest selection of wood-burning cook stoves and heating stoves.

Additionally Lehmans carries oil lamps, gas lights, candles, solar-powered flashlights, grain mills, cast iron and copper cookware, woodenware, crockery, peelers, pitters, juice and beverage making, ice cream makers, coffee, tea, canning and preserving, home butchering, heating stoves, cook stoves, stove accessories, shaving supplies, hair cutting tools, soaps and skin care, wash day supplies, sleds, toboggans, wagons, scooters, porcelain signs, puzzles, toys, gifts, solar power equipment, water department, gas refrigerators, freezers, Storburn toilets, composting toilets, orchard care, farming tools, gardening tools, lawn care, wood working tools, timber framing, blacksmithing, whirligigs, weathervanes, maple syrup making, farm bells, pest control, saws, and drills. 

Every day is a day for ice cream so we went in search for an ice cream maker and Lehman's did not disappoint!!! Take a look at the Hand-cranked Ice Cream Maker by White Mountain!!!  Create your own ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbet, or sherbet. Be daring and add sprinkles, fruit, nuts, marshmallows, coffee, cookies or candy to your recipe. It's the perfect way to spice up any picnic, party, or cookout.
Don't be left in the dark just because it night take a look at the SolarVerter Solar Powered Flashlight. During the day let your solar power flashlight recharge with the sun's rays for up to 3 hours of night-light. This environmentally friendly flashlight uses renewable energy and is ideal for mounting on a bicycle (mounting bracket included) or for traveling and camping. Two switches -white light in front and 3 blinking red LED warning lights at rear. Clear, hard plastic case protects solar panels, is waterproof up to 60 ft, and will float. Comes with two spare bulbs.

Have some fun during the winter with the Lehman Racer!!! The Lehman Racer is the ultimate in steel runner sleds. Fly down snow-covered hills. Steer around rocks and bumps. And do it over and over again winter after winter. The Lehman Racer was constructed out of the Flexible Flyer by an Amish craftsman who added all wood parts that are solid oak, sanded smooth and coated with a polyurethane finish. Wooden pieces are screwed together - no cheap staples on this sled! Runners and frame are heavy steel with a powder coating to resist rust. Authentic-looking manila hemp rope adds the final old-fashioned touch.

Entertaining friends in the evening time then be sure to engage the Amish Double-Wick Lamp!!! This blast from the past has a brass duplex burner, two 1 1/16" wide cotton wicks which provide more than twice the light of the one standard 7/8"W or 3/4"W wick. The entire base, including the pedestal, is hollow and holds a full quart of oil-especially striking with colored oil. Beautiful, unique chimney with oval bulge provides the perfect finishing touch.

Dan Hagopian

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