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Eziba Art and Jewelry

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About Eziba Art and Jewelry:
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Jonathan Swift wrote, "Vision is the art of seeing the invisible."  Indeed artistic design truly captures that which we cannot see and brings to light world of our imagination our true reality. Art means many things to different people (which is why we say "beauty is in the eye of the beholder")! But art is so much more, as art represents all of man's humanity from the bizarre to the absolutely stunning, to the entertaining, to the provocative. BestBuysOnTheNet.com is a lover of art and when we came across Eziba we were truly astounded by the rich blend of art and history!

Since 1999, Eziba has been offering a dynamic selection of authentic handcrafted artistic jewelry from around the globe. Artisans from around the world contribute to Eziba's unique collections. Select from home furnishings, accessories, apparel, artifacts, gifts and toys, create Eziba's unique collections. Eziba is headquartered at MASS MoCA, (a center for contemporary visual and performing arts and high tech industry) in a 19th-century mill complex in North Adams, Massachusetts. This backdrop set the stage for their company where you will find not only great artistic jewelry but also incredible blends of art education and entertainment designed to inform and inspire you! Eziba is a piece of art rich in cultural context and content.

Explore Eziba's Home Accents such as Holiday Art, Vases and Storage, Baskets, Desks, Lights and Mirrors, Accessories. Or click into Homes and Furniture to find Bed and Bath, Floor Coverings, Furniture, Dining, Garden, toys, Glass Art, Masks, Musical and Religious Art, Wall Art, Sculptures and Carvings, and even items for the Kids' rooms.

Enjoy the beauty of painted stoneware with the Ornate Peruvian Stoneware. The Ornate Peruvian Stoneware is a ceramic artwork crafted in a small workshop in Lima, Peru. This gorgeous Peruvian Stoneware will impress friends while you describe the rich cultural history behind the work. The stoneware is gorgeous to look at as well as functional to use during an elegant social event!

From vast reservoirs of tribal traditions the exotic Dancing Couples" by Timmy Sandu will encapsulate the Zimbabwean lover in all of us!!!  This Shona Sculpture made from ropaka stone is the perfect gift for an engagement, wedding or anniversary. This piece comes with the complete history of the artisan and the artwork.

If you are a traveler then consider the luxurious Pashmina Travel Kit for men made of black pashmina cashmere, leather, and silk. Includes a cashmere blanket and slippers with leather soles. The supple leather bag makes this a great gift for the seasoned traveler.

BestBuysOnTheNet.com was quite impressed with the Blue Channels Teapot, by Ray Bub. An extremely rare piece, this pentagonal cross-section teapot's ring has been broken and reassembled, but the pieces are still joined end to end. This teapot measures 12" high by 5" wide and will have you enamored for hour on end. We couldn't take our eyes off it just looking at the photo! We can't wait to get our hands on it!!!

4000 years ago along the Ivory Coast of West Africa a child's counting and capture games was created. The Mancala game is a bestseller at Eziba and is handcarved in the Ivory Coast from a single block of wood.

Paul Hagopian

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