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You can have everything in the world but without your health it won't do you a bit of good. Many of us though we try to live a healthier lives fall short of the optimum lifestyles for each of us. Typically this means not enough exercise and overeating. Indeed not enough exercise and overeating are the two most debilitating factors for our physical bodies. It isn't that any of us want to be unhealthy, it is more likely that the exercise alternatives that we have available may not be suited to our individual dynamics. If we have not been exercising properly and regularly, starting an exercise program can be painful, and possibly risky to our health. One body part that gives everyone problems in varying degrees is the back. The back it seems is the most delicate and traumatized area for most of us, because we use it in exercise and normal daily living. would like to introduce you to Back Be Nimble for some wonderful "back friendly" aids that will give your back a bit of pain-free relief!

Back Be Nimble may rapidly become your weary back's new best friend! Their unique product line encompasses solutions for almost any back concern from international leaders in the back care industry. Back Be Nimble also offers a specials section for all our bargain hunters. After 10 years as a successful practicing chiropractor, Dr. Brad Lustick was severely injured in an automobile accident. His injuries resulted in an inability to continue active practice - but strengthened his commitment to help others deal with and overcome chronic back and other body pain. So, in 1994, Dr. Brad Lustick in partnership with his wife opened Back Be Nimble to share knowledge of the back and body with the public by selling products for self-care.

Back Be Nimble offers travel aids, videos, books, audio, recliners, pain relief exercisers, massage equipment, back and body supports, workout equipment, mattresses, adjustable beds, pillows and props, sleep aids, chairs, desks and workstations, ergonomic aids, back and neck aids, and upper and lower extremity supports.

While at rest and sleep be sure you are relaxing your back and neck properly. Developed in the University Clinic Hospital in Lund, Sweden, the patented design of the Sissel Orthopedic Pillow couples uneven pressure on the vertebrae while slightly extending and relaxing the neck. The Sissel Orthopedic Pillow is a great choice for those who desire the feeling of maximum support under their neck while lying on their back.

If your job requires you to be on your feet all day long I'm sure you will be able to testify to the fact that by the end of the day your back is completely wiped out! Understanding this Back Be Nimble's Flexform Back Support allows you to live the lifestyle you desire without unnecessary pain! A comfortable strongly elastic lumbar belt with double side pulls and a pre-formed lumbar pressure pad to support the lumbar curve, reduce spasm, and decrease intra-discal pressures while standing. The elastic lumbar belt stabilizes the "normal" lumbar curve and helps to keep better posture, it maintains the position of the support on the wearer, and it focuses the energy of elastic compression on the spinal/lumbar area, which is the critical area of concern, while relaxing Para vertebral muscles. 

If you sit a lot or travel regularly then consider the Accuback. The Accuback is an adjustable dual lumbar pad with innovative N.A.S.A. design for use in the space shuttle, and backed by more than a decade of scientific research. The 3 supportive pressure equalizing pads velcro into position and are easily customized to fit to the user. This makes this support perfect for a person suffering with scoliosis or disk problems. Very firm support, constructed of tempered foam for many years of use.

Dan Hagopian

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