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1 800 Contacts

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About 1 800 Contacts:
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While it would be wonderful if we all could maintain perfect eyesight throughout our lifetimes, the reality is that more and more Americans need corrective lenses to be able to see properly. Physicians have attributed this trend to everything from poor dietary habits to computer eyestrain, yet, whatever the reason, corrective lenses are becoming a necessity for many. People that need prescription contacts as a hassle free option for correcting poor vision without paying too much need to order contacts online at 1 800 Contacts. From ordering prsecription contacts or colored costume contacts you can order discount contact lenses online at a fraction of the cost!

When ordering prescription contact lens online you have the option to select from disposable contacts, soft contacts, bifocal contacts, focus contacts, toric contacts, special effect contacts, freshlook contact lens, acuvue contacts, cosmetic contacts, ciba contact, novelty contacts, non prescription contacts, proclear contacts, custom contacts, gas permeable contacts, sunsoft contacts, halloween contacts, costume contacts, hard contacts, biomedics contacts, glow in the dark contact, natural touch contact, sfx contacts, implantable contacts, and even theatrical contacts are all available for your selection.

1 800 Contacts offers you brand name discount contact lenses in the prescription strengths you need and at savings up to 50% OFF! Some of you may be familiar with this company's print and media ads, but were a little leery of ordering discount contact lenses online. Get rid of those doubts by browsing through favorite brands like Durasoft, CibaVision, Acuvue, Surevue, Optima, Biomedics, Permaflex, Johnson & Johnson, Bausch & Lomb, and more.

Are you worried that they won't have your lenses in stock? 1 800 Contacts stocks more than four million contact lenses, so even if you don't see your brand on the site, contact them directly for information to fill your particular needs. Now that we've impressed you with the amount of lenses available, skeptics are probably wondering how long it takes to receive your shipment. 1 800 Contacts ships over 50,000 lenses per day, assuring you that you will receive your order in the most timely manner possible. And, if you order contacts online you will receive FREE standard shipping!

Still not convinced? Rest assured that 1 800 Contacts does not offer substandard products to their customers. These are the exact same lenses you would receive if you ordered them through your doctor, only cheaper!

When you access the pricing/product index it should be noted that you will also need to know the power (sphere), base curve (BC), and diameter (dia) prescription amounts for each eye when placing your order.

Also when you order contacts online you should understand that there are two general types of contact lenses: soft and hard (rigid gas permeable - RGP). These two types have unique benefits and some may even come with a colored tint, bifocals, or trifocals.

Soft lenses are usually disposable and can be thrown away after a short period of use, generally every two to four weeks or daily, depending on the prescription. Discount disposable contacts allow you to wear a fresh pair of lenses which means less chance of infection, less cleaning, and more comfort for people whose eyes naturally produce more protein that clouds lenses. Soft lenses are made of a soft plastic and are very comfortable because they hold more water than rigid gas permeables.

The latest in soft contact lens technology are Daily Disposables and New Silicone Extended Wear Disposables. Daily Disposables are contacts that are only worn one time and then thrown out. The benefits include never having to clean your contact lenses, convenient replacement schedule, reduction of dry eye and irritation problems.

Rigid Gas Permeable lenses (RGPs) are more rigid than soft lenses. This type of hard contact lens allows oxygen to circulate to the cornea of the eye. Rigid Gas Permeable lenses maintain their shape better and offer clearer vision with some types of corrections. They are also extremely durable and easy to take care of.

Another tidbit for contacts are colored tints, which can be added to certain lenses that make them easier to see when handling, enhance or change eye color, and improve contrast for outdoor sports, like golf and softball.  

Dan Hagopian

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