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Adagio Teas

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About Adagio Teas:
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Shop Now at Adagio Teas enjoys hot drinks, hot cocoa, coffee, or tea we drink a lot of hot cups each day. That being so we tend to think of ourselves as connoisseurs of hot drinks. With teas we really though we knew it all, that is to say when even we were astounded by the amount of incredible teas and tea information on Adagio Teas!

Adagio Teas is in a word a great place to buy your teas from! Why? Because Adagio Teas not merely sells the best teas in all the world but they tell you everything about where they are from, how they are grown, and the many health benefits to the teas that you buy from Adagio Teas.

For example did you know that China is the birthplace of tea! And did you know that India is the world's largest tea producer, accounting for about a third of the world's total. Sri Lanka, is a relative youngster, growing tea for little more than a hundred years.

We all know that the Asian population is partial to tea, which is probably one of the reasons why nearly 98% of all green tea grown in Japan is consumed by the Japanese!!! Indeed in Japan tea plays a very import role in this country's art, philosophy, history and daily life. World famous is the spiritual dedication to the esthetics of tea, known as the Japanese Tea Ceremony. And we can't forget about Taiwan where the islands famous oolong teas are grown. Oolong tea is a cross between black teas and green teas which when combined makes abeautiful cup like the island itself!

There is so much to choose from on Adagio Teas so we will try and tell you as much as we can but bear with us as we go through this lengthy list of incredible teas!

First off Adagio Teas carries various types of great tasting black teas like assam, keemun, lapsang, yunnan, ceylon, darjeeling, golden monkey, golden needle, Earl Grey, English Breakfast, and Irish Breakfast. 

If you like the smooth taste of flavored teas then select your favorite from banana, cherry, coconut, currant, forest berries, lemon, mango, melon, orange, passion fruit, peach, raspberry, strawberry, almond, caramel, chocolate, cinnamon, cream, ginger, oriental spice, rum, and vanilla.

Adagio Teas has fabulously tasting oolong teas like jade oolong, pouchong, jasmine, jasmine yin hao, dragon pearl, formosa oolong, ti kuan yin, and wuyi ensemble

For a cool refreshing iced teas choose any flavor like ceylon, keemun, yunnan, lemon, peach, strawberry, citron green, ginseng green, mandarin green, blood orange, fruit medley, and pina colada.

Adagio white teas are great as well. Choose from silver needle, snowbud, song-yang yin-hou, white darjeeling, white pekoe, white peony, and ying hao organic.

Adagio has a great tasting green teas like citron green, ginseng green, mandarin green, sencha, genmai cha, gyokuro, gunpowder, dragonwell, li zi xiang, yunnan green, pi lo chun, and white monkey.

For great tasting decaffineated teas choose from chamomile, peppermint, rooibos, rooibos berry, rooibos lemon. rooibos mango, rooibos melon, rooibos orange, rooibos peach, rooibos vanilla, apple cantata, blood orange, fruit medley, pina colada, decaf ceylon, decaf Earl Grey, decaf citron green, decaf mandarin green, decaf lemon, decaf mango, decaf peach, and decaf strawberry.

Dan Hagopian

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