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BODEGA Fudge and Chocolate

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Chocolate, Truffle Bars
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About BODEGA Fudge and Chocolate:
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Shop Now at BODEGA Fudge and Chocolate

We have to share a deep, dark, illustrious secret with you. Our staff here at is filled with choco-aholics! You may think we are joking, but we can guarantee that the sight or smell of a moist and seductively luscious piece of chocolate is enough to send most of our staff into a tailspin. It should come as no surprise then that our research staff has been on the lookout for really great chocolate shop! And our staff again does not disappoint for not only did we find a great chocolate store but we also found it to carry only our second most favorite savory square of love - FUDGE!!! Oh yes we are talking about the sweet, rich, ever-so-tempting fudge! Grab a napkin and your will power and follow over to BODEGA Fudge and Chocolates.

BODEGA Fudge and Chocolates is a in one sense an irresistible chocolate and fudge retailer that offers some of the finest and rich tasting morsels ever created. On the other hand BODEGA Fudge and Chocolates is simply a place to meet. The company's store (on and off the Internet) is a fun place to shop! BODEGA Fudge and Chocolates began with the family's Great-Grandparents who ran a small store in Europe. Since then the company has been making luxurious "fudge truffle bars" and chocolates that surpass even the highest confectioner's standards. The exceptionally sweet recipes have been passed down from generation to generation and today the family takes great pride in maintaining the integrity and quality of the original recipes. BODEGA Fudge and Chocolates is made from only the finest ingredients. No artificial flavors, compounds or wax is used and each piece is still hand-cut, dipped, wrapped and packed to be shipped throughout the United States and most anywhere in the world.

BODEGA Fudge and Chocolates offers quality of the exquisitely enrobed fudge truffle bars, traditional English toffee, chocolate covered shortbread cookies and rich hot fudge topping.

Shopping BODEGA Fudge and Chocolates requires that your taste buds get a hold of the tingling amazement of the original, world-renown Fudge Truffle Bar!  BODEGA's Classic Collection of Fudge Truffle Bars have been winners of numerous national and international confectionery awards. They come beautifully packaged in the distinct BODEGA gift box in assorted flavors: Caramelized Butter Vanilla with Milk, Caramelo, Traditional without Walnuts, Bittersweet with Walnuts, Traditional with Walnuts, Rocky Road (with fresh roasted almonds, walnuts and marshmallows) and Cookies & Toffee.

If you are like then you will want to try the Sampler! Magnificently delicious, international award-winning and handsomely gift packaged the Sampler comes with an assortment of Five Fudge Truffle Bars, One Dozen Chocolate Shortbread Cookies, One Pound Traditional English Toffee and a 10 oz Chocolate Truffle Sauce.

The first five books of the Bible is called the Pentateuch or "Torah" in the Hebrew Scriptures. You recall the books of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy! Well if your Bible study is a bit rusty then never fear because BODEGA Fudge and Chocolates has the cure with their Torah Gift Set!!! The Torah is selection of magnificently delicious, international award-winning 'demi' Fudge Truffle Bars in an assortment of individual pieces and flavors. The set includes Dulce de Leche, Caramelo, Traditional Without Walnuts, Bittersweet With Walnuts, and the Traditional With Walnuts. Even Moses can be proud of this Torah!

Dan Hagopian

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