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Candles At Illuminations

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About Candles At Illuminations:
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Occasionally, you discover a place where you are transformed; a place where you are comfortable, your senses refreshed. A place that inspires you and a place that calms you! No I'm not dreaming because at we found just such a place. It is place that will "inspire you to live every day by candlelight." A place where products are made by hand with a special quality, imbued by the artisan in the process of creation.

Illuminations will exceed your expectations. Illuminations was created to be your personal oasis - a place where you will find ideas and inspiration and also be nurtured and appreciated. Illuminations carries candles aromatherapy, birthday, gemstones, jars, scented, votives, home scents and home décor.

Chandeliers are graceful beauties that offer maximum candlepower. The Victorian Crystal Chandelier is a proprietary design made to our exacting specifications. It is a dramatic powder-coated iron chandelier, featuring elegant hand-cut crystals that dance with light. Chandelier includes Clear Votive Cups.

Imagine the fun you'll have with Illumination's Holiday Village Candle Set. This charming collectible series includes a Yellow House, a Green Church with a steeple, a Blue House, a Red Barn, and a Dark Green Woodsman's Cabin. This Set includes 5 Village Candles; one large, two medium, and two small Christmas Tree Candles; and a Bag of Wax Snow.

The beauty of the Snowy Holly Infinity Bowl Gift Set will make the perfect gift this year. A holly stem dusted in faux snow is coiled inside the two walls of this medium-sized, hand-blown glass bowl. Then fill the bowl with water and float one large and two small Holly Candles-simple directions for whomever you give this classy set. The set includes a Medium Infinity Bowl; one large and two small Holly Leaf Floating Candle; and one Snowy Holly Stem.

Dan Hagopian

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