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Childcraft Arts, Crafts, and Toys

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About Childcraft Arts, Crafts, and Toys:
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Some of the fondest memories I have when I was a toddler were the many play days with my blocks and connectix straws. I'm sure you recall your favorite toy of your youth. Sometimes I must admit I pull out my connectix straws when my nephew comes over and still today they are as entertaining now as they were then. But something even more then that that I now realize is the fact they are not only entertaining but they are also educational and help with many needed developmental skills. Indeed most toys that offer developmental skills instead of the typical monsters and aliens often times offer more to children then fun. We encourage you to buy toys that give more to your children then simply fun but also developmental skills such as coordination and communication.

Childcraft Education Corp. has many unique toys for children. They are fun and will provide your kids hours of fun. But more importantly they will help the developmental skills such as coordination and communication with your kids. Childcraft is also a preferred vendor for GSA, the official procurement office for the United States Federal Government and its entities. At Childcraft you will find such toy categories as arts, crafts, audio visual, blocks, carpets, children's literature, classroom furniture, cooking, health, nutrition, infants, toddlers, LEGO, manipulatives, math, mats, cots, music, puzzles, records, cassettes, CDs, sand, water, science, social studies, tables,  chairs, and woodworking.

For a great block set try the Snap 'n Play Blocks. These wood blocks and wheels snap together to form simple action figures and many other wonderful structures. The 17-piece set includes squares, oblongs, cylinders and wheels in high-quality wood with non-toxic lacquers.

For some wonderful fun and learning take a look at the Magnetic Sand Table.  The Magnetic Sand Table comes with sand play, magnetic play and imaginative play in one center. The Magnetic Sand Table helps build cognitive, manipulative, social skills, and creative abilities. Three or four children can make trails through the sand by pushing magnetized marbles, vehicles and more, using attached hand pieces. A treasure map is carefully hidden under the sand to add some extra fun. No clean-up required--play area is fully enclosed and sealed. Wooden table top with steel-reinforced panels and a clear acrylic top. Legs can be bolted to floor.

Is your child the next Picasso? Then why not let him or her prove it with Picaso!!! With the Picaso, children express themselves with the 21 different shapes in five bright colors, or follow pattern cards. Soft, flexible plastic shapes are perforated to fit on the raised pegs of the 8 1/2'' x 10'' boards. Set includes 255 brightly colored geometric shapes, four transparent boards and four pattern cards-all packed in a sturdy cardboard storage box.

Dan Hagopian

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