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When shops we inevitably come across so many different types of stores that draw so many emotions from us that we have really fallen in love with shopping. Indeed if we don't shop at least once a day we get jittery - I suppose you could say we are addicted to shopping, which for you this is a good thing!!! For without our addiction we would not be able to find the store where containing yourself is all the rage!!! Follow to The Container Store!

In 1978, The Container Store began with a devotion to help people streamline and simplify their lives by offering multifunctional storage and organizational products. More than 23 years later, and with locations coast to coast, The Container Store showcases thousands of innovative products year after year.

The Container Store offers great container ideas for shelving, kitchens, closets, bath & laundry, the office, travel, garage, gift-wraps, food storage, food prep, table accessories, countertop, entertaining tools, drawer organizers, and cabinet organizers. The Container Store also offers product organizers for doors, walls, sink area, carts, step stools, ladders, toy boxes,  hangers, shoe storage, hanging bags, clothing protection, under bed storage, closet rod storage, cubes, bins, cosmetic containers, jewelry boxes, shower & tub, toilet area, under sink storage, shelving, hooks & racks, laundry, wastebaskets,  message boards, computer area, media storage, toy storage, briefcases, totes, backpacks, belt-packs, pouches, clothing organizers, toiletries, bottles, medication, security, car organizers, tool racks, parts boxes, sports equipment, trash, recycling, lawn, and garden.

Around the kitchen staying clean is a sometimes-impossible task especially when you are cooking up a storm! So that your poor recipes stay intact while working your culinary magic consider the Stainless Steel Card File Box! The Stainless Steel Card File Box is made from brushed stainless steel that will look beautiful for years because it's rust and corrosion resistant 18/10 stainless steel - the same material favored by commercial kitchens. It will accommodate a smorgasbord of 4" x 6" recipe cards, recipe clippings, or your best Holiday Recipes. Use it as a collection box for coupons or this versatile box can also sit by your bedside or on the coffee table to contain any number of small things. Fill it with small kitchen gadgets or with your favorite candy and tie it up with a bright ribbon and bow for a great housewarming or hostess gift.

Tired of opening your trunk of your car to find a big mess? Then consider the Trunk Organizer. The Trunk Organizer is mount either between the taillights or at the back of the trunk with Velcro strips keep it in place. Pockets abound for jumper cables, tools, motor oil and other additives, flares, a flashlight, and other necessities to keep you going safely.

Another great car organizer is the Folding Cargo Bag! The Folding Cargo Bag follows a practical philosophy - it's there when you need it, out of the way when you don't. The bag is made of heavy-duty, highly durable nylon, has a padded bottom, and hard velcro on the bottom to keep it in place on carpeted surfaces. The handles are nylon webbing for strength and durability. It features three mesh pockets for smaller items and will accommodate three paper grocery bags perfectly. When not in use, the Folding Cargo Bag folds down into its own zippered bag - perfect for storing in a car trunk or the back end of an SUV.

A funny thing about our homes is that they typically go from order to disorder rather quickly. One-way to keep your home organized is with the 18- & 60-Drawer Cabinets. The 18- & 60-Drawer Cabinets provide visible, accessible storage for hardware, arts & craft supplies, sewing notions, small collectibles, jewelry, or cosmetics. The 18-Drawer Cabinet comes with 6 drawer dividers. The 60-Drawer Cabinet comes with 18 drawer dividers. Each cabinet can be wall-mounted.

Dan Hagopian

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