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Crucial Technology Memory

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Does your personal computer seem to drag when you have more than one program open at a time? Is there an annoying amount of delay time when you try to launch an application? Do you avoid trying to run the games you love to play, simply because your computer "chops" the action to the point of frustration? Instead of chucking your entire PC out the window and rushing out to buy an expensive new system, you might want to consider upgrading the memory capabilities of your machine. Memory upgrades are an affordable way for the average consumer to rectify a lot of program problems on their PC without having to pay exorbitant amounts of money.

Crucial Technology is the factory direct memory source for individual consumers and major corporations. Because knows that buying any kind of technology can be disconcerting to say the least, we were quite impressed with Crucial Technology's wide product line and customer resource options. The product line contains over 73,000 memory upgrades for more than 13,000 systems including desktops, notebooks, servers, and printers. They carry SGRAM, SDRAM 66MHz, SDRAM PC100, SDRAM PC133, EDO, Flash, and Fast Page Mode upgrades in 30-pin SIMM, 72-pin SIMM, 72-pin SODIMM, 80-pin SIMM(Flash), 100-pin DIMM, 144-pin SODIMM, and 168-pin DIMM. All purchases from Crucial Technology come with a limited lifetime warranty, a money-back guarantee, free technical support, and discounts for online purchases. They also offer purchase programs (Crucial Customer Program) for corporations, VARS & resellers, federal government, and state/local/educational, with added discounts, dedicated account service, and streamlined online ordering.

If you are planning to upgrade your memory, you can't afford NOT to check out Crucial Technology first! A little overwhelmed? Take a few minutes to browse the extensive customer resources available on the site. Crucial Technology wants their customers to make knowledgeable purchases and has gone out of their way to provide as much support as possible. The "Library of Resources" contains items such as a glossary of terms and information on how memory is "made".

If you are searching for a memory upgrade to help improve a certain task, be sure to check out The Gaming Zone, The Tech Zone, and Office Computing Zone for detailed information and suggestions. Crucial Technology also provides a specific system needs search with over sixty manufacturers to choose from. "Ask the Expert" for technical questions, and installation guides. Crucial Technology provides a superior product line, but their commitment to informed, contented customers is even more amazing.

Item #CT1M32E1M6 is a 72-pin SIMM EDO. This 4MB memory's features included a 1Meg x 32 configuration, non-parity error checking, a speed of 60ns, and voltage of 5V. Under SDRAM 66MHz, we found item #CT2M64S4D10. This 168-pin DIMM featured 2mg x 64 configuration, unbuffered DIMM type, non-parity error checking, speed of 10ns, 3.3 voltage, and SDRAM timings of CAS2. Item #CT512K64G1W83 is a 4MB, 144-pin SODIMM, SGRAM memory option included 512K x 64 configuration, speed of 83MHz, and 3.3 voltage.

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