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Dell Computers

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About Dell Computers:
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So you want to buy a new computer or laptop. Sounds like a fairly simple concept, right? In theory, buying a computer SHOULD be a simple task, with the only major concern being whether you are buying the system for home or business use. Unfortunately, (especially for those of us who are majorly technology-challenged) finding a computer is rarely, if ever, that simple. You find the system with the processor speed you want only to find that the graphics card isn't powerful enough. Next you find a system that has a great hard drive but the RAM is practically nonexistent. We could give you scenarios like these all day long, but you've probably lived them all, plus a few we haven't thought of. Stop torturing yourself with shopping for a computer the conventional way. Break free from tradition and take a look at Dell Computers.

Dell Computers broke with traditional methods of purchasing computers from its inception in 1984. Founder Michael Dell (who started his business from his dorm room!) created his company on the simple premise that consumers ought to be able to buy computers directly from the source, with all the "bells and whistles" they desired. His visionary concept has grown into a multibillion dollar business with worldwide facilities and ranking as the #2 manufacturer in the United States. Dell Computers isn't content to rest on their laurels, however. They want YOU to have the perfect computer and are dedicated to aggressively pursuing and implementing the very latest technology.

Another way that Dell is wooing consumers is through their superior website store. The store carries the complete Dell line including Dimension and Optiplex desktop computers, Latitude and Inspiron notebooks, PowerEdge network servers, Dell Precision workstation products, and PowerVault storage products. This "build it/buy it" options would be enough to lure most consumers in, but Dell takes their commitment their usual "step further". You can customize your buying experience by searching for computers in specific needs areas. These areas include home/home office, education (higher education, K-12), business (large/400+, small/under 400, healthcare), government (federal, state, local), and specialty deals (employee purchase programs, refurbished, worldwide sites).

You will find information, information, and more information throughout the site, guiding your purchase, answering your questions, and testing your boundaries of what you thought your computer could do. Dell Computers' responsibility towards their customers doesn't end there! Dell also offers leasing information, PC disposal, warranty information, Y2K compliance updates, phone & online technical support, and next-day-onsite product service on most items. If you are looking for software and accessory values, be sure to check out Dell's new "Gigabuys" site. Michael Dell may have started his company in between classes, but there is nothing "in between" about this company, their products, or their devotion to customer satisfaction.

Dan Hagopian

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