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Flying Noodle

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About Flying Noodle:
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At dining is often an art form. You see not merely do we like to make a great dinner for our guests; we like to create a dining event!!! And that more often then not calls for the elegance and great tastes of pasta. Pasta is something that allows people to enjoy the great flavor of the noodle and also revel in the ambience of the Italian atmosphere. Indeed pasta makes everything ok!!! And pasta from the Flying Noodle seems to get it right all the time.

The Flying Noodle offers more noodles than you may have ever considered possible, and certainly tastier selections than we have ever considered. The Flying Noodle carries a complete line of unflavored pastas, flavored pastas, short pastas, long pastas, Italian pastas, Asian noodles, rice, marinara sauces, pestos, oriental sauces, olive oils, restaurant sauces, vinegars, desserts, salad dressings, salsas, risotto, and cooking supplies.

The Flying Noodle carries many fine brands including Tilda Basmati Rice, Castellana Artisanale Pasta, Fattora Artisanale Pasta, Fini Egg Noodles, Pizza Making Kits, Riso Baricella Risotto, Rossi Flavored Pastas, Spinosi Italian Egg Pastas, Timpone's Organic Pastas, Bartolino's St Louis Restaurant, Bella Cucina Artful Foods, Bove's of Vermont, Byzantine Greek Olive Oil, Club Lucky, Columela Olive Oil, Cora Old World Marinara, and so many more great tasting brands!

Before you begin buying the pastas up individual step into the Venice Express in a Basket!!! The Venice Express is for the pasta lover in all of us. This collection includes three pastas with unique shapes and tantalizing flavors. The three sauces have all received critical acclaim from Flying Noodle customers.

Heading off to that perfect and romantic Roman Holiday then get a head start with the Roman Holiday Combo Pack. For the lover of everything gourmet the Roman Holiday includes elegant crackers, bruschetta, Vidalia Onion Summer Tomato Dressing, chocolate biscotti, three terrific pastas, a delightful pesto and two marinaras.

If you are a gourmet pasta lover that is always on the run, then have no fear because the Pasta-To-Go Gourmet Kit is near! The Pasta-To-Go Gourmet Kit comes complete with a wicker suitcase and some serious pasta lover selections. The Pasta-To-Go Gourmet Kit includes three delicious pastas, two extraordinary marinaras, one delicious pesto, bottle of extra virgin olive oil, cruet of balsamic vinegar, elegant crackers, bruschetta, salad dressing and chocolate biscotti.

Dan Hagopian

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