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Gevalia Coffee

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About Gevalia Coffee:
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Coffee! The word, not to mention the smell, conjures up a thousand different images.

Late-night exam "cram sessions" at college, trying to make up for a semester's worth of studying that you missed due to other activities. Sitting around the table at a coffee shop catching up on lost time with friends you rarely get to see because of conflicting schedules. Post-holiday meals, when the only thing you have room for is a cup and some family gossip. Sunday morning, browsing through the paper....the one day of the week you have time to read it from cover to cover.

Whether you are a true coffee connoisseur, or just need a jolt of java to get you started in the morning, you don't want to miss Gevalia. Devoted to the pursuit of coffee-lovers everywhere, the site will get your tastebuds dancing in anticipation.

Once on the site, you can search through all the delectable flavors of coffee that Gevalia carries. Available in half-pound boxes (with air-lock bags inside), the coffee can be ordered in whole-bean or ground, caffeinated or decaffeinated. There are enough choices to keep even the pickiest coffee consumer happy.

If you really like coffee, and don't want to be bothered with constant re-ordering, Gevalia offers a mail-order "coffee club" simply pick out the flavor, amount, and frequency of shipment, and Gevalia will deliver it to your door as often as you like. (There is a minimum of four boxes to participate.) You can use the online service to update your membership, change your coffee order or frequency, and even hold delivery if you are going to be on vacation.

Gevalia offers a wide range of flavored coffees to satisfy all coffee lovers.  My personal favorite is Chocolate Raspberry.  It has a chocolatey and tangy raspberry taste that is smooth and sweet.  Another is the Irish Creme coffee.  This has a mix of Arabica beans with a creamy, buttery flavor.   There are many other flavors and is priced at $5.95, and decaffeinated is $6.75.   If tea is more for you, Gevalia also offers a variety of teas.  From China's high peaks comes the China Mountain Green Tea.  This tea has a smooth taste and is priced at $5.95.  Other flavors include Ancient Cherry, Citrus Green, Jasmine Gardens, English Breakfast, Jasmine Whisper, and many more.  Not only does Gevalia specialize in coffee and tea, but they have yummy treats to complement your drink.  They have Vanilla Russian Tea Cookies in Tin.  Let the vanilla, butter, powdered sugar, and pecans fill your mouth.

Dan Hagopian

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