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About Gift Tree:
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Do you ever get tired of trying to find gifts that are as unique as the people who will be receiving them? We all know that there are thousands of gift ideas out there, and almost as many different stores and websites who stock them. How often does your schedule allow you the flexibility to really search all those choices to find just what you are looking for though? If your lives are as hectic as ours, the answer is not very often!

Gift Tree has a very simple philosophy...offer unique gift items, in one convenient location, at prices to fit almost any budget. With an emphasis on hand-crafted and professionally designed products, consumers can be almost assured to find the perfect gift for even the pickiest recipient. Gift Tree offers over twenty categories of gift baskets (a custom basket section will be added in the near future), over ten categories of floral gifts, and a gift shop filled with choices that range from practical to whimsical. You can also purchase gift cards and gift certificates for that "hard to please" person in your life. Currently, with any purchase from Gift Tree you will receive a free chance to play online Lotto to win up to $250,000 in prizes. When you sign up for a free Gift Express account, your benefits include express checkout, automatic fax receipts, gift suggestions, a personal reminder, and a holiday reminder. To keep up to date with site updates and specials, be sure to sign up for the email newsletter. Gift Tree also offers a fun "virtual gifts" section on the site. This free service, similar to other electronic postcard services, allows you to send a "gift" via email. Categories include nature, food, paintings, and occasions. What better way to brighten someone's day than to send them a "masterpiece" in their email? Gift Tree is a very comfortable site, with easy navigation, a user-friendly setup, and a festive selection of gift choices. Take your time and look around...we won't tell your boss!

All of us have faced the horror of a "bug" in our computer system, but now you can give a bug that is fun. "The Computer Bug" (1017001) comes with a squishy bug that attaches to your monitor so that it appears it is breaking free. This cute little guy is sure to bring a lot of laughter, especially used in conjunction with the included CD-ROM. The CD-ROM features over twenty-five screensavers, wallpapers, and animations of Computer Bug and his friends in their natural habitat...your computer! These animations talk to you, "tap" on the glass of your monitor, eat food, play games, clean your computer screen from the inside, tell corny computer jokes, and even "flood" your monitor so they can go swimming. This item is available for $18.95. The chocoholic in your life will be forever grateful when they receive the "Assorted Chocolate Bars". This gift comes with six assorted chocolate bars.  The sampler pack is $18.95.  Do you know someone who loves fresh seafood, but doesn't live close enough to the ocean to indulge their tastes? The "Deluxe Lobster & Stone Crab Dinner" (3074002) is the perfect way for that special person to enjoy fresh seafood whenever they want. This dinner comes with Florida lobster tails, jumbo stone crab claws, Key Lime honey mustard sauce, Key limes for squeezing on your seafood, and a wooden mallet for breaking the claws. Your recipient will receive a gift certificate for the meal, then, when they are ready to enjoy a seafood feast, they simply call the included phone number to receive their FRESH seafood within twenty-four hours. This meal is available for two ($70.00), four ($105.00), six ($140.00), eight ($165.00), or ten ($185.00) people.

Good Hunting!

Lynnette Johnson
Staff Writer

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