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Gourmet Gift Mail

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About Gourmet Gift Mail:
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At BestBuysOnTheNet.com there is one product we never tire of and that is chocolate! We love chocolate. We like chocolate dessert sauces, Parisian chocolates, French truffles, chocolate mousse, chocolate cookies, chocolate biscotti, chocolate delicacies, chocolate syrup, and in fact if we had it our way we would make it a law that everything is made with chocolate!!! Fortunately for you we can't make that law (though we are working on it) but when you need to resolve that sumptuous desire that we all have then click on over to the gourmet chocolate gift store!

In 1997 Gourmet Giftmail began with the premise of offering their customers some of the finest gourmet gift items possible and we must say our chocolate appetites were delighted! The Gourmet Giftmail offers only the highest quality gourmet foods, selected from small domestic producers, or which they import directly from Europe. Gourmet Giftmail offers dessert sauces, Parisian chocolates, French truffles, chocolate mousse, cookies, biscotti, Italian pasta, Italian Delicacies, French Sauces, Syrups, and Specialty Juices.

At BestBuysOnTheNet.com there is a running joke that says if we could choose our own death the ranking method would be Death By Chocolate Cookies! To our own amazement we found at the Gourmet Giftmail a product called Death By Chocolate Cookies. We are now ready for chocolate heaven!!! Death By Chocolate Cookies are made by Atlanta's Alisa Barry of Alice Water's Chez Panisse/Cafe Fanny Restaurants in the SF Bay Area. Alisa won't give us the recipe for her cookies, but apparently it calls for chocolate, and then more chocolate, and then even more chocolate!!! I can't wait to taste these when they come! 

Have you ever visited Cologne, Belgium? If you have then perhaps you ran into four young entrepreneurial chocolate experts who have take Chocolate Mousse Cups to the chocolate extreme! If by chance you didn't then you will be glad to know that the Gourmet Giftmail can bring you the unbelievable chocolate mousses presented in a chocolate "cup". These mousse cups, called "Cantabiles" should be renamed to fabulous, but hey who are we to change chocolate perfection! The set of 18 individually packaged Chocolate Mousse Cups include Mocha, Caramel, Praline, Champagne, and Pistachio flavors.
New England Cuisine a delectable treat that is definitely unique! The flavors of the North Atlantic coastlines can now be brought to homes across America with the wonderful specialty food items in the New England Cuisine gift basket. Created by the team at the Stonewall Kitchen in Maine and made with only the finest traditional New England ingredients. The gift basket includes Maple Chipotle Grill Sauce, Sun Dried Tomato Mustard, Roasted Pepper Sesame Sauce, Raspberry Chambord Fudge Sauce and Old Farmhouse Chutney.

Dan Hagopian

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