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Hammacher Schlemmer

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About Hammacher Schlemmer:
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Everyday we buy that which is common. Whether that would be gas for the car, shaving cream, food, deodorant, books, music, or any number of things that we use on a daily basis. This is natural and good. But what if we want something unique? Something that creates a little unexpected pleasure within you and something that enhances your lifestyle! Where would you get such a gift? Let me challenge you even more with something specific! Where would you get the Flying Leap Stick On Wall? For now I will just say not at your local supermarket!!! But BestBuysOnTheNet.com has found an incredible store online where providing the unique and wonderful is an everyday occurrence - and yes you will even find the Flying Leap Stick On Wall!

Since 1848 Hammacher Schlemmer has been providing products as unique as their name. For over 150 years Hammacher Schlemmer, has meant many thing like incredible, unusual, fantastic, amazing, and simply WOW!!! Hammacher Schlemmer means shopping for the most unique and innovative collections of products available anywhere in the world. Hammacher Schlemmer means the assurance of the highest quality-always backed by our unconditional guarantee. Hammacher Schlemmer means customer service second to none. Hammacher Schlemmer means setting the standard for oiur daily lives like being the first store in 1926, to add innovative luxury housewares like the steam iron, electric dry shaver, pop-up toaster, microwave oven and many more "firsts" over the years.

Today Hammacher Schlemmer offers such unique products as the Eight-Foot Water Walking Wheel, Flying Leap Stick-On Wall, the Family-Sized Hammock, and the Next Generation Sony Aibo Robot! You will also find unique gifts for everyone, housewares, office equipment and supplies, personal care and hygiene products, sports equipment, entertainment systems, games, watches, robots, jackets, shorts, and shirts.

Now about that Flying Leap Stick-On Wall!!! In a word "AWESOME"!!! The inflatable Flying Leap Stick-On Wall lets you propel yourself, trampoline-style, and stick to it in any number of positions including sideways and upside down. The set comes with three body suits, teen through adult sizes, to wear over clothes: the body suit is what holds you securely on the wall -- a gentle push away with hands and feet releases the hold. The wall unit is equipped with a padded ramp and bounce mat.

At BestBuysOnTheNet.com the staff enjoys the lazy Saturday afternoons hanging around with family! And now hanging around can be more exciting with the Family-Sized Hammock! This hammock is the largest size made and can easily accommodate up to 600 pounds, so come on mom and dad grab the kids and lounge around in the shade. Because of its impressive size and capacity, it should be hung from substantial, well-grounded posts or sturdy trees (which are not included)!

To take relaxing to an extreme you must buy the Only Total Body Support Pillow! This pillow provides optimum support for upper and lower extremities, while cushioning and maintaining proper spinal alignment in any position. It was originally invented to help relieve fibromyalgia-a chronic condition marked by muscular pain and tenderness at specific points of the body. Both adults and children can use and enjoy the flexible, total-body pillow to sit or lie on the floor, sofa, or bed in total comfort. The pillow can be folded into a U-shape, or come full circle to create bean-bag shaped seating. The pillow is stuffed with Fossfil, a new hypoallergenic and antimicrobial material that inhibits dust mites. This fill material will become even softer and fuller with each wash!

Dan Hagopian

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