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Harlequin Love and Romance Novels

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About Harlequin Love and Romance Novels:
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Books and the stories they contain are the looking glass into the mind of authors and to a much greater extent to society at large. Being a part of the larger society we understand that the books we buy and read are written glimpses of our natural curiosities, emotions, and dreams. Authors who are able to capture this larger reality of the book industry will begin to understand why books sell! A part of this larger society is sometimes thought of as taboo and something only thought of behind the bedroom door. But from its very beginning eHarlequin set out to change that image.

The eHarlequin story begins online in the year 2000 but this is not its company's true beginning, for that you have to go back to the year 1949. In 1949 Canadian publishing executive Richard Bonnycastle Harlequin and in its early years the company published a wide range of American and British paperbacks, including mysteries, Westerns, and cookbooks. In 1957 Harlequin began buying rights from Mills & Boon, a British publisher of romance fiction since 1909. Mary Bonnycastle, wife of the founder, noticed the enormous popularity of "these nice little books with happy endings," and suggested the company concentrate on them. By 1964 Harlequin was publishing romance fiction exclusively.  Today with its online presence eHarlequin soard into a mega business selling more than 160 million books worldwide (5.5 books a second) to over 50 million women worldwide!

At eHarlequin you can choose your favorite novel from American Romance, Harlequin Blaze, Romantic Historicals, Intrigue, Romance, Special Releases, Superromance, Temptation, Bianca, Desire, and Intimate Moments.

eHarlequin has so many authors it quite overwhelming, here are a few: Lindsay Armstrong, Judith Arnold, Catherine Archer, Jacqueline Baird, Leanne Banks, Mary Lynn Baxter, Lisa Bingham, Jennifer Blake, Barbara Boswell, Sandra Brown, Stella Cameron, Candace Camp, Maureen Child, Kathleen Creighton, Barbara Daly, Michele Dunaway, Anne Gracie, Jennifer Greene, Valerie Hansen, Gwen Hunter, Liz Ireland, Ann Major, Anne McAllister, Peggy Moreland, Elaine Nichols, Kathleen O'Brien, Meg O'Brien, Kathleen O'Reilly, Laurie Paige, Tara Taylor Quinn, Penny Richards, Nora Roberts, Ann Roth, Sharon Schulze, Ruth Scofield, Ana Seymour, Elizabeth Sinclair, Taylor Smith, Catherine Spencer, Cheryl St. John, Jessica Steele, Amanda Stevens, and Rebecca Winters.

Sometimes when your just starting out you want to begin with a great read and a great value which is why eHarlequin's Signature Collections are the top choice (not to mention you will get FREE Books and Gifts! Try the Babies & Bachelors USA Signature Collection for a great way to preview a heartwarming collection featuring 50 sexy heroes from all 50 states. You'll delight in their humorous parenting and romantic adventures.

If you a Barbara Taylor Bradford fans be sure to pick up The Triumph of Katie Byrne. The Triumph of Katie Byrne is about struggling actress Katie Bourne who is about to achieve her dream of starring on Broadway but her successes are shadowed by long-ago tragedy. Will she ever stop being haunted by the memories of that horrible night long ago and the tragedy of her two friends find out if the show goes on in this classic Bradford tale!

eHarlequin's Steeple Hill books feature rich and entertaining stories about Christian characters who face the challenges of faith, life, and love. In America these navels tend to hit home more often then not and why not get started with A Bungalow for Two by Carole Gift Page! This story feature sculptor Frannie Rowlands and reclusive billionaire Scott Winslow together! Discover with Frannie how solitude and cravings for simple living become entangled in faith, family, and her womanhood.

Dan Hagopian

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