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Henry and June Lingerie

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About Henry and June Lingerie:
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In each of us lies a certain degree of passion. Whether they are pure lustful desires or something that is more then a primal urge, like love, beauty, or soft understanding romance, we each have a sexual side to us. This is good and natural. Indeed famed American author Henry Miller knew this very well, which is why he and his wife June, broke past the Victorian boundaries that engulfed their lives and allowed their passions for one another come alive. Their courage and love has been reincarnated into a lovely lingerie store that bears their name Henry and June Lingerie.

Since 1997 Henry and June Lingerie has been satisfying the curiosities of notoriously sexual along with the coy innocence of individuals around the world. From sheer beauty to sumptuous decadence Henry and June Lingerie is the place for you. Henry and June Lingerie offers such brands as Shirley of Hollywood, Leg Avenue, Magic Silk, and XTC Leather. As far as product lines go Henry and June Lingerie offers some incredible apparel and intimate lingerie selections. Choose from bras, panties, garter belts, stockings, pantyhose, body stockings, hosiery, baby dolls, bodysuit, bustier, camisole, chemise, thongs, g-strings, bikinis, peignoir, teddiette, corsets, crop tops, dresses, gowns, robes, and boxers.

Men let's look at a couple of items for you! First look at the Charmeuse Boxer. This item is great, conservative, and will help your partner get in the mood! The Charmeuse Boxer feels like silk, making it very comfortable to wear and extremely pleasing to the touch!

If you are more of the devil type then let Santa come home with the Satin Strappy Pouch with Lights and Music! We suggest you take a look for yourself to make sure it's for you but let's just say it is a satin pouch trimmed in marabou lights up and plays music when your buttons are pushed!!!

Ladies how many of you are Baby Doll girls? Oh it's ok no one will ever know (unless you want them to)! Baby Dolls are not simply enjoyable to wear they are sexy, fun, and down right beautiful. While shopping Henry and June Lingerie take a look at the Stretch Lace II Baby Doll. The Stretch Lace II comes with a chiffon baby doll with embellished applique, multi-criss cross shoulder straps and uneven hem line. The set includes matching g-string.
Ladies we know that your hearts are full of love, which is why this next selection will allow you, show off how much you love with the Heart Velvet and Net Bra Top/Panty. The Heart Velvet and Net Bra Top/Panty is a sheer mesh bra top and panty with strategically, but suggestively placed opaque velvet hearts. Oh we know a little fun is healthy and good every once in a while!

If you are in the mood for something that combines a bit of elegance with beauty to create a very sexy and hot looking outfit then try the Tricot and Lace Gown Peignoir Set. The Tricot and Lace Gown Peignoir Set is a two-piece long gown peignoir that includes an adorable tricot and lace under wire long gown with adjustable straps and sheer 15 denier and lace long robe. Comes in black, white and a gorgeous jade!

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