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NEC PowerMate Eco Transmeta Crusoe

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About NEC PowerMate Eco Transmeta Crusoe:
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Technological advances plus an environmental conscience equal the PowerMate eco, the first PC engineered specifically with the environment in mind.
Nearly all of today's computers contain hard drives, memory chips, processors, circuit boards and scads of wire. Of course they do, that's what lets them do what they do for us. But those components also contain a host of toxic elements that we, and the environment, could really do without. So the folks at NEC balanced the two sides and came up with the PowerMate eco desktop computer. The "boxless" all-in-one unit has no fan, is constructed with a lead-free motherboard and contains no boron in the LCD display. As a result, it uses less power and produces less heat than traditional PCs, is Energy Star and Green Purchase Network compliant and won't pollute the environment. It's configured with a 1GHz Transmeta Crusoe processor, a 20GB hard drive and 256MB SDRAM (expandable to 640MB). In addition, it features two Type II PC Card slots, one Type III-B mini-PCI slot and a 24X (max. speed) CD-ROM drive that is housed in the VersaBay and can be swapped out for the optional combo drive module. The integrated 10/100 LAN handles your networking needs. The ATI Rage Mobility-M6 graphics accelerator with 16MB video memory produces sharp visuals on the 15" TFT LCD display, supporting resolutions up to 1024 x 768 in 16 million colors. The LCD display swivels up to 80 degrees to provide the optimum viewing angle. Windows 2000 Professional is pre-installed.

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