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Omaha Steaks

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Omaha Steaks
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About Omaha Steaks:
Rating: Star Rating Info

Shop Now at Omaha Steaks has been at it again! Our well known addiction to delectable food started us on a cyber-journey to discover a new and exciting gourmet cuisine site. In our travels, we have unearthed several exotic or regional gastronomic treats to tempt our loyal readers with, but this time we thought we would look for something a little more traditional. Most of us love a juicy, well-turned steak, a succulent piece of poultry, or a tender, moist roast. It can be difficult to find quality choices at your local market though, especially if you are searching for affordable, healthy cuts. Omaha Steaks gives you those very choices in a variety of meat, seafood, and poultry options. Come with us to take a peek.

This site is not for those individuals suffering from a lack of willpower. Omaha Steaks' site is packed with amazing graphics that seem to beg to be eaten. If they ever figure out how to put smell into the Internet experience we are all done for! Since 1917, Omaha Steaks has featured a tempting product line of superior meats backed by a satisfaction guarantee for replacement or refund. The last time we checked our local market, they weren't nearly as accommodating and they definitely weren't offering such amazing cuts.

Keep a napkin handy to defog your monitor and stroll through corn-fed Midwestern beef, pork, poultry, lamb, soup & pastas, appetizers, desserts, side dishes, seafood, moneysaving combos, Kosher foods, gift baskets & plans, books, and special orders. Each page is more tempting than the last and you won't want to miss a single click. (We sure didn't!) Omaha Steaks also features exceptional online specials which include a free gift of either a Chicago Cutlery four-piece steak knife set or six burgers. If you use MasterCard, be sure to check out the specials section designed just for you.

Omaha Steaks has other great features on the site in addition to their gourmet assortment of foodstuffs. The "Food Facts" section will help you understand what defines different cuts of meat and provides information on storing, thawing, and cooking your selections. In the "Recipe Exchange" you will find delicious recipes for appetizers, beef, desserts, lamb, pasta, pork, poultry, sauces, seafood, and veal. With so many distracting choices on the site, don't forget to enter to win four free 6-oz. filets from Omaha Steaks.

Our staff was in gastronomic heaven on this site, which led us to include a few more product choices than normal. (Hey, we're only human....and hungry!) In the Steak, Lobster & More section, we found two great packages that shouldn't be missed. The The Beef and Reef" comes with four 8-oz. filet mignons, and four 6-oz. gourmet lobster tails.  For a total gourmet meal experience, The Complete Delight" comes with four 8-oz. filet mignons, four 6-oz. gourmet lobster tails, 25 assorted hot hors d'oeuvres, and one 28-oz. Black Forest cheesecake. Is poultry more your style? The Breast of Chicken with apple/almond stuffing" features boneless chicken breasts stuffed with a sweet-tangy combination of tart apples, raisins, and almond slices. The Breast of Chicken Pilgrim" can turn any meal into a holiday celebration. Pork has gained in popularity in recent years being billed as "the other white meat", so we didn't want to pass this section up in our product review. The Pork Loin Louisianne" is a two pound pork loin that is slowly hardwood smoked to perfection, then hand rubbed with a mixture of garlic, black pepper, and onion. The Pork Chateaubriand" is a nine ounce succulent tenderloin, perfect for intimate dinners for two.


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