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Popcorn Factory

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About Popcorn Factory:
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Doesn't the smell of fresh popped popcorn get your mouth watering? Just think about how ravenous you become when you step into a movie theater or pass that kiosk in the mall! Most of us love popcorn and flavored popcorn can be even more delicious. Popcorn as a gift is almost universally appreciated, but purchasing a tin at your local store may not always provide the most appealing flavor. Mass produced tins often sit in a warehouse or on a store's shelf for weeks, causing it to acquire a slightly stale taste that can take some of the joy out of your gift. Instead of settling for a popcorn gift that may not be as fresh as it should be, take the time to check out the gourmet selection at The Popcorn Factory.

With over twenty years of catalogue sales, The Popcorn Factory has become the leader in the gourmet popcorn industry. Their popcorn is popped, packed, and shipped fresh to insure that you or your recipient receives the most delectable popcorn available. The Popcorn Factory uses only high quality ingredients including 100% corn oil, real butter, genuine cheddar cheese, a special private recipe of caramel corn, and other quality ingredients in their popcorn which insures you will be delighted with every mouthful.

The Popcorn Factory offers such gift ideas as Christmas Tins, Popcorn Towers, Gift Baskets, Popcorn Samplers, Tempting Treats, Hanukkah, Patriotic, Happy Birthday, Thank You, Congratulations, Thinking of You,  Get Well, Snack to School, Baby, and just for Kids.

Preparing for a birthday then what better way to say Happy Birth day with the Happy Birthday Jumbo Sampler! The Jumbo Kaleidoscope Sampler says a lot and holds a collection of out of this world flavors. Start with three kinds of popcorn then add popcorn balls, mini pretzels and pretzels dipped in chocolate and dusted with toffee bits,  famous chocolate chip cookies with bits pecans and honey roasted nuts. Four fabulous candies are included - Myrtles, fruit flashers, super sour stars and richly flavorful Jelly Belly beans. All this is wrapped up with a big blue bow and attached gift tag!

Sometimes a smile is the best medicine to cheer up a friend or a loved one and now with The Popcorn Factory's Jumbo Smiley Face Sampler this kind of medicine just got brighter. The Popcorn Factory's Jumbo Smiley Face Sampler  is their largest sampler box and holds all you could imagine including your smiles! Six yummy sugar cookies with chocolate smiles come along with white, yellow cheddar and jalapeño popcorn. There’s garlic pretzel nuggets, peanuts, chips and salsa and lots of candy-sour Jelly Belly beans, sour chewy stars and fruit candies! When the situation calls for a big bunch of happiness and great tastes delivered in a box, this is the present to give.

If you or a friend enjoys the stars then pickup the Starstruck Sampler! The Starstruck Sampler os the a tast of The Popcorn Factory's best and includes almond pecan corn, white cheddar popcorn and spicy peanuts. The newest addition is the roasted garlic and herb pretzel nuggets! There's sour starbursts, jelly beans and fruit hard candies.

Dan Hagopian

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