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Power Mac G5

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Power Mac G5
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About Power Mac G5:
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The Power Mac G5 is the world’s fastest personal computer. The Power Mac G5 is the first computer with a 64-bit processor. A 64-bit processor means that th Power Mac G5 can process computations at over 4GB! Imagine a 4 GB processor! The Power Mac G5 processor is available with up to dual 2GHz with a new ultrahigh-bandwidth system architecture featuring AGP 8X and PCI-X.

The Power Mac G5 is faster then the fastest Pentium 4 and a dual-processor Xeon workstation. The new 64-bit PowerPC G5 processor is joint development effort by Apple and IBM, and is the largest gain in processing power in the history of the PowerPC architecture. Again the 64-bit processors enable the Power Mac G5 to go beyond 4GB and supports up to 8GB of 400MHz, 128-bit DDR SDRAM — that is four times more than a typical PC. This means that you can write large projects to memory 40x faster than to a hard disk.

When compared head-to-head against the same PCs, in a large series of Photoshop tests the dual 2GHz Power Mac G5 is 2.2 times faster than the 3GHz Pentium 4-based system and almost twice as fast as the dual 3.06GHz Xeon-based system.

The Power Mac G5 comes with three PCI slots. It has a high-speed AGP 8X Pro graphics bus that effectively doubles the maximum transfer rate and doubles the amount of data transferred in a single AGP bus cycle — ideal for the ultrafast graphics cards like the ATI Radeon 9800 Pro or NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 Ultra.

The Power Mac G5 ships with a FireWire 800 port and three USB 2.0 ports (plus two USB 1.1 ports on the keyboard). Gigabit Ethernet, FireWire, USB 2.0 and optical digital and analog audio are all integrated through two bidirectional 16-bit, 800MHz HyperTransport interconnects for a maximum throughput of 3.2GB per second.

The Power Mac G5 product line comes in three configurations — 1.6GHz, 1.8GHz and a dual 2GHz model. They all feature the SuperDrive (DVD-R/CD-RW) as standard equipment across the line. All models are AirPort Extreme-ready, and offer Bluetooth capability as a build-to-order option.

Every Power Mac G5 comes with a SuperDrive (DVD-R/CD-RW) that lets you burn both CDs and DVDs that can be played in most consumer DVD players. The SuperDrive reads DVD titles at 8x and writes to 4.7-gigabyte DVD-R discs at 4x. The Power Mac G5 runs all of your software — fast — with a version of Mac OS X Jaguar.

The Power Mac G5 can be found at PC Connection and MacConnection, the computer industry's most prestigious computer and consumer electronic direct retailer. PC Connection and MacConnection offers over 100,000 brand name products, great prices, and award-winning service and support. In addition to the Power Mac G5 you will find desktops, handhelds, notebooks, servers, networking, hardware and accessories, consumer electronics, digital cameras, drives and storage, memory, modems, power management, printers and scanners, video and sound, software for business, educational, games, graphics and design.

Dan Hagopian

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