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Robeez Slippers

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Children Footwear
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fun designs
skid resistant soles fottwearun for little feet.
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fun designs
skid resistant soles fottwearun for little feet.
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About Robeez Slippers:
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I don't know about your household, but in ours slippers are a common sight. If you wear slippers then you will know what we mean when we say that slippers are comfortable, warm, protective, and fun to wear. But slippers need not be boring! Especially with kids slippers should be fun and spirited.

Robeez Footwear Ltd. is a mom's home business success story. Sandra Wilson, President and CEO, began the company in the basement of her North Vancouver home when her son was one and a half. Robert, Wilson's son, was the inspiration for the business, the name Robeez, and for many of the designs. Beginning in 1994 Robeez has grown to close over 40 employees and distributes their slippers to over 700 retail stores across Canada the United States and the United Kingdom. Way to go Robeez!

At Robeez you will be able to find an enormous selection of slippers and footwear. Just looking at their site will show you the amazing creative designs. If you have a little girl that is as cute as a bug then take a look at the Lady Bug! An easy slip on, but never slip-off design that is washable, durable (a natural leather), with safe skid resistant soles and no laces to come undone that makes footwear fun for little feet.

And for the boys Robeez has a cool new Truck design or the Fall 2001 season. They also have two hip Car and Train designs. All these designs feature the standard no slip designs and durability that you would expect with a Robeez slipper.

Dan Hagopian

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