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SkinStore - Dry Skin Cream and Lotions

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About SkinStore - Dry Skin Cream and Lotions:
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One of the most difficult aspects of personal hygiene is caring for the skin. Each of us has a different skin type, with varying problems when it comes to cleansing and healthy maintenance. Environmental factors and stress can also wreak havoc on our skin, which leaves many of us pondering whether we will ever have truly healthy skin in our life. Products promising miracle cures can be found almost anywhere you look, and those of us who have worked our way through most of them know the disappointment that usually follows their purchase. Before you give up, follow over to the SkinStore for some pleasant surprises.

The SkinStore since 1997 has served over 12,000 loyal customers with physician recommended skin care products and skin care education. SkinStore attributes their success to serious customer satisfaction. Their tireless pursuit of service excellence has its foundation in the SkinStore's philosophy that when a customer buys from SkinStore, they buy not only products, but also the education and the support they need to make their use of those products a success.  Today the SkinStore proudly carries over 400 of the finest skin care products including, hand lotions, creams, moisturizing, sun screen, anti-aging, dead sea, herbal, acne, organic, black skin, facial, hair removal, hair growth, tanning, and massage care.

The SkinStore carries many doctor recommended brands including Abella Skin Care, Allerderm, Allergy Products, Amerigel, Baby Spa, Barielle, Bio-Genetic, Blue, Boudreaux, California North, Cellex-C, Cetaphil by Galderma,  CoverBlend by Exuviance, D'Arcy, DDF Labs, Dermablend, Dermanew, DermaNude, Dermatique, Devica, Exuviance by Neostrata, Ferndale, Fountain Pharmaceuticals, Glyderm, K-Derm, Kinerase, M.D. Forte, Mederma, Miscellaneous,  Natures Soap Dish, Nordic Care, Obagi, Ombrelle, Pan Oxyl, Pedinol, PharmaSkincare, Positiv Affirmations,   Priorities Skin Care, Rogaine, Safa - Dead Sea Products, Salon Originals, Sarna, SBR Lipocream, Scar Fade, Scarheal, SDR Pharmaceuticals, SkinCeuticals,  SkinScience, Stiefel Labs, Strata-C, Summers Labs, Super Skin from SF Group, Total Block, Vitamoor, WellSkin,  Z. Bigatti, and Zeasorb.

If you are one of the millions of Americans that have allergies then consider De-Mite's Laundry Additive. De-Mite's Laundry Additive is a liquid used to eliminate dust mites in your bedding and washable clothing. The additive can be used in hot and cold washings. The liquid includes all of the following active ingredients that are proven to be very effective at eliminating dust mites: benzyl benzoate, tea tree oil, and methyl salicylate.

For all that unwanted hair consider DermaNude.  DermaNude is a revolutionary hair growth retardant made especially for stopping unwanted hair for men or women on the go. DermaNude is made up of a unique bioactive nutrient extraction process.  An exclusive patented compound of select Bio Enzymatic Plant Extracts and certified organic sulphur-reducing ingredients synthesized for maximum potency and biological activity that penetrates the follicle, thus inhibiting the hair's ability to regenerate. Gel is recommended for smaller, more precise applications such as to the bikini line and upper lip. DERMANUDE retardant should be applied immediately after hair removal.

Dry skin is one of the dilemmas that most Americans face every single year. I for one use vitamin E enriched lotions for my dry skin-cracked hands. Ouch! There is however a hand lotion that I was pleaseantly surprised to find at the SkinStore and that is the WellSkin Body Lotion with SPF 15! This rich, creamy lotion formulated for use on the entire body is designed to make even dry, thickened skin feel smooth and soft. The WellSkin Body Lotion with SPF 15 provides time-released benefits of glycolic acid as well as a SPF 15 sunscreen to help prevent further sun damage and makes your skin soft and smooth.

Dan Hagopian

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