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Starry Night and Deep Space Explorer

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Starry Night
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About Starry Night and Deep Space Explorer:
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Space, is it the final frontier for mankind, as the infamous frontline for Star Trek fans claim? Understanding space and the amazing wonder that compels people to discover the unique properties contained within the vastness of the universe is to recognize, in comparison, the microcosm of humanity's yearning expanse for infinite knowledge. For in our finite humanity we seek to expand the reaches of our physical and spiritual confines, to reach beyond the reachable has been a human trait since man's beginning. Yet because of our physical properties we can only test and theorize to a point, there comes moment where imagination merges with reality to create what we believe is the inner makings of our universe, including space.

Yet that point is far from being reached, at least at the time of this writing, for what we know to be true is reported to us by one of the foremost authority of our universe, Fortunately for us does not stop at reporting the news and business of space but through their team of software experts bring us Starry Night, an incredible discovery of space like we have never experienced!

Starry Night is a serious astronomy software that brings the realism and richness of space in every detail and depth of information directly to your own computer. Starry Night allows you to view stunning star fields from 20,000 light-years out, or from your own backyard. You can even track the latest satellites, comets and asteroids. Access over 19 million celestial objects in the unique 3D Hipparcos star database, as well as the Hubble GSC, NGC/IC and PGC catalogues.

Also within the acclaimed Starry Night family of astronomy software products comes Deep Space Explorer. This is the first program for the home user that accurately models the wonders of our universe in all their three-dimensional glory. World-renowned astronomer Brent Tully has compiled a new database of 30 000 galaxies which has never before been available in a desktop astronomy program. Each of these galaxies is sized, positioned and rotated correctly, allowing you to see the clusters, filaments and voids that dominate the large-scale structure of our universe. Plus through amazing software technology a specially designed "spaceship" lets you travel hundreds of millions of light years from Earth exploring space like never before.

When you leave earth behind and go into infinity and beyond you will discover 30 000 galaxies, examine large-scale patterns of super galactic structure such as the "Great Wall" and the "Great Attractor". View in full-color images all the planets and their moons. Plus watch over one hour of narrated video clips, covering 18 different space topics such as the Big Bang, dark matter and black holes (video narration by former Star Trek: Deep Space 9 actress Chase Masterson).

Check out Starry Night and Deep Space Explorer now and get the universe on your desktop, you will not be disappointed!

Dan Hagopian

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