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Total Gym

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Total Gym
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About Total Gym:
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Total Gym was founded in 1974 with a solid commitment to manufacture top-quality functional exercise and rehabilitation equipment. The Total Gym concept is a non-compressive training that is not only safe but also an effective exercise program. The Total Gym has many credits to its name that go back to 1984 including being selected by the USA Olympic Gold Medallist Volleyball Team as their training device of choice. In 1996 Total Gym aired its first television infomercial featuring long time user and friend Chuck Norris and co-host Christy Brinkley. And the Total Gym is considered standard equipment in hospitals, rehab, and athletic training facilities worldwide.

Now Total Gym offers many of its great workout products through their online store. Choose from a variety of Total Gym models, gym accessories, workout videos, personal fitness products and much more.

The Total Gym is a body weight resistance workout. With calibrated resistance, a dynamic Pulley System, that allows movement in 3 planes, the Total Gym offers an unrestricted range of motion for an entire body workout.

The Model 24000 is the top-of-the-line Total Gym. It is designed engineered and manufactured to provide years of smooth, quiet and safe operation in the most demanding settings. Originally designed for clinical use by rehabilitation professionals, the Model 24000 is now available for home use. They also offer a large variety of commercial-quality fitness accessories designed to enhance your workouts.

The Total Gym Model 11000 is specially designed for home fitness use! The Model 11000 is highly expandable with a large variety of commercial-quality accessories that will satisfy even the most demanding user. This unit is easily folded together and stored out of the way between workouts. The Model 11000 is perfect for fitness and sports enthusiasts, athletic families, professional and amateur athletes and rehab outpatients in a private or home setting.

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