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About Tupperware:
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In every kitchen across America you will inevitably find at least one. Whether it is a bowl or container, or juice pitcher Tupperware is one of America's favorite container products. The popularity of Tupperware is not without merit because who can deny the quality and practicality of these American favorites! Now with a few clicks of the mouse you can be on your way to owning some of the latest favorites from Tupperware!

Tupperware Corporation is one of the world's leading direct sellers, supplying premium food storage, preparation and serving items, to consumers. Tupperware classics include containers, cups, bowls, pitchers, deli containers, Round Cake Takers, commuter mugs, and more. Some of their newly listed items on their websites include a Patriotic Sandwich Keeper Set, Ornament Cookie Cutters, Holiday Snack Canisters, Carving Fork & Knife Set, Round Ice Cream Keeper, and a Snack Stor® Container.
Take a look at Tupperware's Modular Mates® Squares with Easy-Open Covers. Tired of the clutter? Clean it up with the elegant look of these contemporary containers in sleek Silver Satin! You'll find dozens of uses for these Modular Mates® containers throughout your home, including the bathroom, bedroom, home office and kitchen. And the Clear Easy-Open Covers with Black collars allow you to view the contents without opening. You'll find a variety of sizes to suit most storage needs. Choose from the 5-cup Square 1, 11-cup Square 2, 17-cup Square 3 and 23-cup Square 4.
For those odd long shaped items or liquids take a look at the the Modular Mates® Round Containers. Perfect for fitting into narrow spaces, the Modular Mates® Round Container are great for pourable foods and long, dry pastas (including items such as croutons, drink mixes, sprinkles, candy or unpopped popcorn. The sizes come in Round 2: 15 ozs. 4 1/2"H, Round 3: 22 ozs. 6 3/4"H, or Round 4: 30 ozs. 9"H.

In need of some mixing bowls then try the 3 Pc. Mixing Bowl Set! Whether the job's big or small, you'll find these classic favorites a must for all your holiday baking needs. And they make great gifts, too, wrapped together or separately. The Sheer Ice bowls are unbeatable for mixing cookie dough, pie filling, stuffing and more. Add the virtually airtight and liquid-tight seals for easy refrigerator storage. The three-piece set includes a 4-cup bowl with Ruby seal, 8-cup bowl with Emerald seal and 12-cup bowl with Sapphire seal.

Dan Hagopian

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