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Wind & Weather

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About Wind & Weather:
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Do you know what U.S. City holds the record for the greatest annual snowfall? It's Paradise Ranger Station, located on Mt. Rainier, Washington, where 1122 inches of snow accumulated during the winter of 1971-1972! Weather is an interesting natural phenomenon that was created to benefit the earth and its inhabitants. The study of atmospheric events is especially fascinating as you begin to realize, how wonderful and powerful the winds and the weather can be on earth. If you are like us and have a curiosity toward the weather then believes you will be splendidly surprised when you join us over at Wind & Weather!

Wind & Weather is the primary supplier to people who are interested in tracking the weather. From the weather hobbyist to the dedicated gardener to the professional meteorologist, we're all dependent upon the weather. Since 1976, from the historic North Coast of Mendocino County in California, Wind & Weather has been serving the public and private needs of weather watchers.

Wind & Weather offers Weather Stations, Thermometers, Barometers, Rain Gauges, Wind Gauges, Hygrometers, Weather Radios, Traditional Instruments, Sundials, Gazing Balls and Stands, Garden Decor, Garden Ornaments, Front Porch Gifts, Wildlife Habitat, Garden Sculpture, Backyard, Wind Chimes, Water Gardening, Weathervanes, Weather Glasses, and Clocks.
To begin with look at the beauty of the Walnut Weather Station! This splendid German weather station features a single-diaphragm barometer, hygrometer, and dual-scale thermometer with brushed brass dials, set in walnut. The instruments can be rotated for horizontal or vertical display.

For a dash of elegance and mystique all weather watchers must have the Astrolabium! An elegant conversation piece, this is the so-called "heaven machine," developed and built during the 18th Century by Phillipp Matthaus Hahn to record the full circle of celestial time. It measures the hours and reveals the workings of the heavens! The eternal cycling of the seasons is given dimensional demonstration as month succeeds month and the solar system moves into observational alignment with the constellations of the zodiac. A captivating cloisonné globe orbits a brass sun as the moon, revealing its phases, faithfully circles the earth. A hand blown bell jar keeps the exposed instrumentation free of dust. Its fine German quartz movement is mounted on a mahogany base with a piano finish.

If old world charm is more your style then gauge the weather like the Pilgrims did in the 1600's with Olde World Weather Glass! The Olde World Weather Glass is a gently curving glass with a scrollwork complement on the 17th Century weather station. Known as a storm glass, water barometer, or thunder glass, this instrument dates back to the early 17th Century Netherlands. Changes in air pressure cause the water to rise and fall in the spout. Low water level indicates high pressure and fair weather. Rising water indicates low pressure and inclement weather. In severe storms, the water may spill over into the drop catcher.

Dan Hagopian

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