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If you happen to be a wine connoisseur, you have our hardiest congratulations and deepest envy. True experts in the area of wine are few and far between. As in art, most of us fall into the "I know what I like" category when it comes to wine, with little more to go on than our individual tastes. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with this approach to wine, it may not always serve you in a social situation. Most of us have struggled at one time or another with choosing the appropriate wine to compliment a meal. While red or white may be the main decision choice, balancing the bouquet and taste are also important factors when choosing a wine. Assuming that most of us don't really have the time to visit the world's finest vineyards or attend seminars to learn the finer points of wine purchasing, what are we to do? suggests you polish your stemware, find your corkscrew, then sit back and let the friendly staff at The Wine Messenger take all the guesswork away from your future wine purchases.

The Wine Messenger offers a broad selection of high quality wines from around the world. Frequently visiting all the wine zones of the world the Wine Messenger picks the best wines among dozens of small genuine producers interested in selling a small percentage of their production in the U.S. market. We are always among the first to discover new regions. The Wine Messenger's system of constantly rotating wine is unique. The Wine Messenger features powerful Reds and Whites in the winter, their top premium wines before the holidays, and most new discoveries in the spring.  One of the major advantages of buying wine from The Wine Messenger is you can mix different wines in either a 6 or 12-bottle case. This way you can sample several of our selections at once... and re-order the ones you like the most.

When shopping the Wine Messenger look at the Tapada De Coelheiros Alentejo. This fine wine has a strong vegetal nose at first (artichoke) but evolves into delicious spicey, chocolatey flavors. Medium bodied, and supple with lots of fruit sensations (raspberries, mocha). Very smooth tannins and good acidity level allowing it to age 4 to 6 years. Lingering finish of fruit. A complex wine that evolves in the glass. Better suited as accompaniment to foods such as roasts, venison, fowl, etc...

Try sampling the Red Portuguese Sampler. Portuguese wines are so original that they have traditionally only been appreciated (and drunk) by Portuguese or expatriates around the world. Portuguese wines are unique due to native varietals only grown in the country. With modern wine techniques, such wines offer new flavors, complexity and originality. The Red Portuguese Sampler comes with 3 bottles of Bela Fonte Baga, 3 bottles of Pedras Do Monte, 3 bottles of Esplanada, 2 bottles of Conde de Monsul, and 1 bottle of Tapada de Coelheiros

For a white wine try the Vale De Rosas Fernao Pires Estremadura. This deep golden wine that has a powerful bite of ripe apricots, citrus and honeysuckle that you would first suspect to be sweet, but on the contrary it is the opposite! The Vale De Rosas is a very dry wine with a mixture of citrus and apricot flavors. The wine finishes on a dry, tangy taste that is unique and well adapted to enjoy with oriental cuisine, spicy or fatty foods.

Dan Hagopian

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