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World Wide Sports

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If you live in more frigid areas of the country, you may believe that hockey season is nearly at an end. While ice hockey may be nearly over, except for those rare areas who have year round ice skating rinks, sporting enthusiasts of all ages have discovered the fun and excitement of inline hockey. Played with rules similar to traditional ice hockey (including some GREAT checks and injuries!), inline hockey has the advantage of year round play, regardless of the weather conditions or section of the country. In fact, the rising popularity of inline hockey has provided those of us in warmer locales the thrill and exposure to hockey that we may normally never have had first hand. While hockey purists may scoff at the idea of inline hockey, we invite you to check out the great hockey inline skates we discovered at World Wide Sports and decide for yourself.

World Wide Sports is your inline hockey resource and a whole lot more. This budget friendly website offers main sports categories that include individual, team, winter, inline skates, snowboards, and clothing, with a seemingly endless selection of subcategories within each. Special sections are devoted to teams & clubs, dealers, and government organizations. From novice to professional caliber, World Wide Sports has the gear you need. Need help or information? Check out the "Info & Links" section with resources for inline skates, bike, ski, snowboard, sizing information, sports scores, and magazine access.

Love saving even more money? World Wide Sports has a great clearance section as well as a Discount Club. Discount Club membership is free, and by joining you will receive special email promotions with deals up to 70% off, plus automatic entry into contests. Speaking of contests, if you find the hidden icon on the site and click it, you can fill out an entry to win a monthly drawing for your choice of a pair of Roces 5th Element skates or Roces 1998 Melbourne skates. Still not enough? Take advantage of World Wide Sports email promotion for free domestic ground shipping. Simply email twenty people to recommend the site and free shipping is yours. Complete details are available on the site.

The "Tour 2000TA Bi-Level" inline hockey skates are available for $159.99. These skates feature a full leather lined boot, Stic Control hi-performance custom grip formula wheels (72mm front/80mm back), BEVO ABEC-3 bearings, and a torque bi-level aluminum chassis. The "TR 9000 Kevlar" features a shell of topgrain leather, Kevlar and graphite quarter panels, a form fit quilted lining, memory foam, and extra tongue padding. Other features included Labedo wheels 72mm/80mm, BEVO ABEC-5 bearings, and a bi-level 7000 series aluminum chassis. The price is $299.99. One of the best inline hockey skates on the market is the "Tour 950", available at World Wide Sports for $349.99. These skates feature a boot of topgrain leather, a form-fit ultra tongue, and Kevlar brand fibers in the quarter panels. You will also receive the revolutionary RMF system memory fit lining that forms to your foot, Labedo Reflex & Gripper wheels (72mm/80mm), BEVO ABEC-7 bearings, and a bi-level lo-boy 7000 series aluminum chassis.

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Lynnette Johnson
Staff Writer

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