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Earn Cash At

Why should I earn cash at

This may sound like a silly question but we believe that it is important to understand that earning cash to shop not only pays you to shop but also makes you a smarter shopper. If we rephrase the question, perhaps, it will be easier to understand: 'why wouldn't you want to be paid to shop'? If you want to buy a product why not be paid to buy that product! This is exactly what does, 'pays you to shop'!

How do I begin to earn cash at

In order to earn cash with you will need to open your private and secure Cash Account.

How much does a Cash Account cost?

The Cash Account is FREE. There is absolutely no cost or obligation to you.

What do I have to do to earn cash?

Not much! Simply login to your Cash Account (or sign up if you haven't yet joined), shop your favorite retailer found within With every purchase you make through your Cash Account you will earn CASH.

What Does a Cash Account give me?

A Cash Account pays you up to 30% back on all your purchases. Plus when you open your Cash Account you will receive a $5.00 sign-on bonus.

You mean will just give me money?

Yes. The Cash Account is the one tool that delivers true value each time you shop by paying you for buying products you would normally buy! Here is what you get:

Choose and you will:
  • Earn $5.00 For Signing Up Today!
  • Earn $3.00 For Referring A Friend!
  • Earn up to 30% Cash On Your Purchases @ 450+ Pre-Approved Retailers
  • Receive FREE Shopping Mediation
  • Receive Quarterly Checks - No Mail In Rebates - Just click and earn!
  • Have Safe, Simple, And Rewarding Shopping
  • Receive Exclusive Discounts and Cash Rewards will pay me $3.00 if I refer a friend?

Yes. It is our way of thanking you for spreading the word of one of the most advantageous shopping programs available. For every friend of yours that claims you as the referrer during signup, and then makes at least one purchase through their Cash Account, will credit your account with $3.00 per referral.

How do I join?

Creating a Cash Account is easy and free. Begin earning cash by signing up using our quick and easy online form. Remember once you have your Cash Account you can start shopping and earning cash!

I just signed up but you didn't ask for my address at the registration procedure. How and where do you send the quarterly check?

Out of respect for all of our members we do not ask for a complete membership profile during the Cash Account activation procedure.

After you register and open your Cash Account you will be sent our welcome letter via email, which explains how to edit your member profile so we will know where to send your check. Please let us know if you haven't received the welcome letter so we can resend it to you.


Go to to login to your account. On the top left menu (underneath the "Account Maintenance" section) click the Edit Profile link. You will be taken to a secure member form where you can enter your personal information so we can mail you your quarterly check.

Do I have to Login with my Cash Account ID each time I shop?

Yes. This is how we credit your account with cash. If you don't login with your Cash Account ID before you shop, we'll have no way of knowing how much cash you are owed.

I have signed up for your cash back program, with email and password. How come each time I go thru the site, and try to shop, it asks me to enter my email and password AGAIN? All I want to do is go and shop!

First of all the reason why we keep asking you for your email address and password is so that we are sure that the correct amount of Cash Back is sent to the correct member.

To avoid manually "logging in each time you shop" with, place a check mark in the box labeled "Remember me every time I visit!" before you click "Login & Start Earning Cash".

Then the next time you click to shop with us you will be logged in automatically, by-passing the login form.

How do I shop at
  1. Enable on your Web browser "Cookies" for both first and third party.
  2. Sign-in with your Cash Account ID
  3. Find the retailer you want to shop at and then click on the retailer's link that appears on the Web site. Then after connecting to your chosen retailer, shop and make your purchase using the retailer's secure online shopping cart.
That's it! You do not have to do anything else. By signing-in we'll automatically track and credit your account with the correct amount of cash.

Please note: many retailers accept orders by phone. However, ONLY PURCHASES TRANSACTED THROUGH A RETAILER'S ONLINE SHOPPING CART SYSTEM EARN YOU CASH. Phone orders placed at any of our retailers sites DO NOT earn you cash. To ensure that you earn CASH every time, you must order online.

Do all purchases I make at any merchant get credited by

Yes, only if, you login to your Cash Account every timeyou shop. Please note: many retailers accept orders byphone. However, ONLY PURCHASES TRANSACTED THROUGH A RETAILER'S ONLINE SHOPPING CART SYSTEM EARN YOU CASH. Phone orders placed at any of our retailers sites DO NOT earn you cash. To ensure that you earn CASH everytime, you must order online. If you use multiple windows to comparison shop just be sure to revisit and click on the merchant's link in our site first so we can properly credit your account with the cash you will earn from your purchases.

Can I use special offers and coupons and still earn cash with my Cash Account?

Yes as long as it is a special offer or coupon found within We work with all of our retailers to provide you with specials and coupons that you can add to your cash earnings for even greater savings.

Please be advised that coupons, specials and promotions listed on are subject to change and some restrictions may apply. tries to present the most accurate information but cannot make guarantees due to the time-sensitive nature of promotions.

Why do I earn different CASH percentages at each merchant?

Every purchase you make through makes you a wiser shopper and as such we want to recognize your wisdom by paying you the greatest amount of CASH!

Let us explain: If John logs-in to his Cash Account to shop for a great deal on a new PC (say $899) plus John knows that will pay him 2% on the purchase, then John can expect a $17.98 credit to his Cash Account. Later on that day John comes back to and logs-in to buy an shirt for $40 plus 7.5% cash from, then John knows he will get he will get $3.00 credited to his Cash Account.

By these two examples we can logically see if you only earned a flat percentage of cash then you would be losing out!

Can I use other payment options online other then a credit card and still earn cash in my Cash Account?


Can I use other shopping services like MSN Passport at


Do all purchases qualify for cash?

Almost every product purchase qualifies for cash. Listed within the retailer report pages in is the exact percentage you will earn from purchases made at that retailer. Also we will not credit Cash Account for taxes, shipping, or any portion of a purchase that is paid for by coupons, gift certificates, continuityprograms, and or store credit. Please note: many retailers accept orders by phone. However, ONLY PURCHASES TRANSACTED THROUGHA RETAILER'S ONLINE SHOPPING CART SYSTEM EARN YOU CASH. Phone orders placed at any of our retailers sites DO NOT earn you cash. To ensure that you earn CASH every time, you must order online.

Do gift certificates qualify for a rebate?

No. does not pay cash for gift certificates.

Do I earn Cash when I purchase a continuity program where I automatically receive a product or service periodically?

You will earn Cash for your initial purchase, but not for the subsequent installments.

What if I want to return or cancel an order?

Returns are subject to the return policy of the retailer from whom you purchased. If you return or cancel an item, we shall reverse any cash credit from that sale.

What happens if I jump around from site to site, "comparison shopping" before I make a purchase?

Most smart shoppers compare prices at different sites. That is great, however, what you must do is make sure that you login to first before returning to the site where you want to make your purchase. The reason why you must do this is because when you leave and go outside our community the 'session' that was generated to credit your Cash Account can be broken. IMPORTANT: A qualifying CASH link can be maintained ONLY when linking directly from the site to the retailer's site, and then on through the retailer's secure shopping cart system to complete your purchase.

Is there any other way for me to receive credit for my purchases if I do remove the cookies off my computer?

Receiving cash back rebates from requires you to accept cookies. Without cookies you will NOT receive cash back.

You can remove the cookies off your computer AFTER you complete a purchase and still receive credit for that purchase. Just be sure that each time you shop at you have your cookies "ON" so that we can track your purchases during the ordering process.

Stated another way, before you come to to shop, always check to see that your cookies are "ON". Then you can come to, shop and complete an order WHILE your cookies are "ON" and receive cash back credit.

Then AFTER the order is complete and you leave the retailer's site, feel free to clear your cookies off your computer or even turn them "OFF" if you prefer.

Just be sure before you go to any retailer web site that you wish to receive credit for, that you turn your cookies back on (if they were off) and come back to to find the store so that we can reset the cookie properly before you complete your order at the retailer's site.

The advantage to leaving your cookies on all the time and not clearing them is pure convenience. For example, the "Remember Me" option removes the need to login manually each time you click on a store or special offer. However, it can only "remember you" if do not delete the cookie before coming back to shop at

If I make a purchase at a retailer found through, whom should I contact if I have a question/issue regarding my order?

All transactions you make in take place between you and the retailer -- just as if you went to their site directly to shop. Remember the reason why you want to shop through is to find great retailers and can earn cash with your purchases!

If however you have a question or issue regarding your order, you should contact that specific retailer's customer service department. If your problem or dispute cannot be quickly resolved between you and the merchant, we'll be glad to jump in and help. Please just tell us!

Does guarantee my products, purchases, or cash?

Every single one of our retail partners must meet strict performance criteria in order to be listed in does not guarantee cash, products, refunds, or rebates by our retail partners. Additionally, should we not receive payment for or record of your transaction from the retailer, we will hold your cash payment until both are received from the retailer.

What's the catch? How can offer cash for every purchase I make?

There's no catch! earns marketing fees from the retailers listed in We simply pay you up to 30% of the fees we earn!

Who do I get the CASH from?

All the cash credited to your Cash Account comes directly from

When do I get my cash?

Cash Account Payment Schedule

Pay Period Check Sent
Jan 1-Mar 31 May 15
Apr 1-June 30 Aug 15
July 1-Sept 30 Nov 15
Oct 1-Dec 31 Feb 15

At the end of each pay period will total the Cash Earned from your purchases. If your Cash Earned from purchases total $5 or more then you will be sent a check (including all bonuses and referral credits) in accordance with the schedule above; Non-U.S. residents will receive payment when their balance exceeds $100. If your account does not meet the payout threshold your balance will be carried over to the following quarter.

How soon is my Cash Account credited with my earnings?

Most cash earnings are credited to your Cash Account within 48 hours. However, it is possible for this process to take up to 30 days. Some retailers only report your purchase when the product ships in which case your cash earning may be delayed until the retailer ships your products. In some cases retailers cannot confirm your purchase until the return period for the product you have purchased has elapsed.

Once the retailers finalize the purchase details, your Cash Account will be updated.

When using coupons and specials at any of our retailers, we can only guarantee your cash award with the use of coupons that are listed on

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